Friday, December 17, 2010

Pom Parfait

You know how to make a breakfast more festive?


Pump it up with pomegranate seeds!


Coconut Liberte yogurt with banana and pomegranate arils. Oh boy!

I’m here to tell you that Savvy Julie’s Perfect PB Kiss Cookies are quite awesome!  They were easy to make, they taste great, and they are super duper cute!


They are also DANGER. Of all the cookies and treats I’ve had floating around here lately these have caused the most damage. I ate about a half dozen throughout the day!


While shopping for cookie ingredients I figured I’d better put some veggies in my basket for lunch today.  I guess I knew I’d be all over the peanut butter sugariness!

Spanakopita a la Costco, veggie sticks, and my favourite store bought tzatziki…


After work I was sooo not feeling the dinner I planned.  I decided to snack on some tortilla chips and see how I felt after…


Eventually I decided just to go ahead and cook the salmon I had in the fridge…mostly because I was too lazy to go out for something else. :)


Salmon pinwheel stuffed with cream cheese and shrimp….it was OK…I overcooked it.  With baked zucchini…which was deeeelish.


In preparation for the busy weekend ahead I opted to do some chores around the house, prep a few things for tomorrow, and curled up on the couch with Love Actually and hot chocolate.


Oh, did I mention I acquired yet another Starbucks mug? *grins*  It’s an addiction I swear. But it’s seasonal and I only had one Xmas mug.  Who among us could resist that cute candy can handle?!!  And it has snowflakes inside!!!  You know I HAD to have it. :)

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Lynn @ The Style Diaries said...

I love your new mug, especially the candy cane handle! :)

Anonymous said...

I have still never tried a pomegranate. I have to get on that! It looks so pretty.

Ingmarie said...

Snowflake-I approve

Anonymous said...

My parents are always raving about those salmon pinwheels.