Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stormy Weather

So it’s about that time of year where things are getting busy and visits with friends and family are going to take priority over blogging.  I will likely still have lots to say (when don’t I?!) but I am taking a break from photographing every little bite that crosses my lips.  Instead it’s time for James Dean and I to see what else we can find for our (and your!) entertainment.

Happy Holidays y’all!


Don’t worry, I even have photos for you today! First up…yesterday’s storm here in Victoria.


Tres windy indeed!  After picking up a friend from the ferry (Hi Matt!) we took a drive along the water to check out the stormy waters and crazy waves.



View of Port Angeles, Washington State:


Hurricane Ridge (the mountains in the distance):




Driving along this stretch of road it was apparent the waves had become big enough to actually splash right over the whole beach and retaining wall.  There was rocky debris all over the road.

Supah cool!

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Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos! I must see the Pacific coast of Canada one of these days. :)

Kate said...

Those are some beautiful pictures!
I need to viist on day!