Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Strata Chatter

For those of you that were sitting on the edges of your seats wondering… I did indeed make it through bedtime without a snack last night! ;) First success out of umpteen attempts…weeeha!

My morning started off a bit rough. I slept in. My internet connection was eluding me. I broke a nail.  Blueberries made it better…


Blended up into a smoothie to match yesterday’s.


Afterwards I apparently photographed an ad for Starbucks. Water and coffee spiked with light egg nog.


Pre-gym fuel…


Cardio reading…


Today’s gym adventure involved a whole 30 minutes on the treadmill (I know, you are super jealous of my power walking abilities) followed by 10 minutes on the bike. My hips are definitely a bit sore so that’s a sign that 30 minutes is my max on any one cardio machine for now. My back tells me it’s angry by giving me sore hips.

I was super hungry when I finished at the gym, but forced myself to drive right past Starbucks and head straight home.  Leftovers from last night…soooo good!


And Mary’s crackers with crack hummus to finish the meal.


Today’s sweet bit… I haven’t a clue what this is supposed to be??


Tonight was my building’s Strata AGM which I wanted to attend so dinner was another quick soup reheat. I still have to post a recipe for this amazing Chicken Veggie and Kale soup I put together.


The meeting wasn’t too terribly interesting but there were a few good discussions and I finally got to see who some of my neighbours are.  A few good discussions were had and I almost got nominated for council…I think because I was one of the only people that said a peep.  LOL.  I high tailed it out of there after that.

The weather has turned cold and blustery so a hot cup of tea hit the spot.  This was paired with a couple of cookies while I caught up on a few things then set to starting my Christmas baking.  


First batch of treats is setting in the fridge. Maybe I will taste test one tomorrow…because I will NOT be having a bedtime snack! ;)

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Laura said...

strata meeting hurt my brain, they are so legal & i get confused. owning an apartment hurts my brain. i had to write to the board just to let my friends dog stay here for 2 months. rawwwwwr!

Laura said...

oh & good luck with no snacking