Friday, December 10, 2010

Without a Plan

Just yesterday someone asked me if I menu plan every day and if it’s easy to stick to.  My response was that I have just started meal planning again and yes, if I write it out the night before I really don’t struggle with sticking to it at all.

So then last night I didn’t write up a meal plan.  And you know what happened today?  I totally missed breakfast.  I seriously walked out the door at 11:15 to grab a latte and meet a friend and shoved a bloody cookie in my mouth on my way by the canister…


Whooops.  But my triple grande egg nog latte was reduced fat, so that’s something good right?!  ;)


What I had meant to have for breakfast was my last sacred Chobani yogurt from my Seattle trip…


I still wanted it, and needed something healthy and hearty so I made breakfast for a late lunch.  Yogurt parfait!


Layers of vanilla no-fat Chobani, sliced banana, pomegranate arils, and Kashi Go Lean with a few toasted pecans on top for good measure.


For our Friday evening festivities Tiffaney and I had plans to meet with friends for a beer and a bite.  Julian owed Tiffaney some “Canucks trump Leafs” beers from hockey bets gone by so we decided to get together so they could clear the debt. :)

We opted for the Fernwood Inn partially because I hadn’t been there since the pub was bought out and completely remodelled while I lived away.


I knew it was going to be nicer than the pub that stood in it’s place before but was quite astounded by how much nicer!  Pretty much a completely different place!  Absolutely love the old school charm.

Started with my current favourite local beer…Phillips Chocolate Porter. It’s the perfect sipping beer. Creamy and deeeelish.


A couple of menu items caught my eye but in an attempt to avoid the cheese toast that kept calling my name I closed the menu and opted for something from the special sheet.  Halibut Pot Pie.


When the waitress asked “salad or fries” I wavered for a moment but both Julian and Tiffaney have read my recent whine fest about trying to get back on track and I could feel their brains peering into mine…so salad it was! :)


The meal was good.  Not awesome, just good.  The salad really hit the spot and was super fresh with a nice raspberry dressing but although I enjoyed the pot pie it was a bit of a letdown.  Not knocking the place at all, but I might be inclined to stick to their regular menu instead of the special sheet next time…

Now it’s time for a quite Friday evening in…a bit of puttering around the condo and maybe some Christmas movie action to set the mood for the rest of the weekend.


The peppermint twist candle is lit and the kettle is boiling.


Tomorrow I’m hoping for a trip to a Christmas market and a workout before ridiculous Christmas fun ensues.  :)  Ho! Ho! Ho!

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1 comment:

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Jaime, I always enjoy your is obvious you like to make your meals an "event" for yourself, even if it is just you who is eating it (eg. your yogurt parfait).

It is a reminder for me to do this for myself - I could be wrong, but I suspect it's a key to having balance (the theme of your blog).

You make an effort to make things special for yourself, and I love this idea!