Monday, January 10, 2011

Brunch and Linner

Is it still breakfast if you don’t eat it until 11:45am?  Today I guess it was brunch because it counted as both breakfast and lunch.

I thought I was on to something here…Spicy Pear Oatmeal.  But I buggered it up with the addition of toasted walnuts.  Should have been pecans.  Bummer.


Still filled me up though.  Especially with the two cups of coffee I sipped all morning long.

Instead of lunch I prepared a quick and easy snack.  Camembert and sesame rice crackers.


Is it still dinner if you eat it at 4:45pm?  I suppose I shall call this Linner because it encompassed both lunch and dinner.  Leftovers from Green Leaf Vietnamese. 


I added sautéed broccoli and snap peas to the leftover chicken and noodles.  Almost as good as it was fresh last night.


I don’t know if it’s because it’s Monday, or because my granny hips are aching, or because my car was covered in a thin layer of icy snow this afternoon but I wound up in a “mood”.  Jen suggested I needed either chocolate or a drink…


…so I had both.  Hot chocolate with Irish Cream thank you very much.

A hot shower and a clean kitchen helped too.  Now if only that apartment elf would show up to clean the bathroom and do my laundry.

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Shirls said...

I so want an cleaning elf.. I mean serioiusly that would be amazing. Your mug looks comfy and homey

Healthy Jen said...

Coffee and a drink! Perfection!! I hope tomorrow goes much better for you.

PS... I always want cheese after reading your posts!