Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Carb on Carb

The leftover focaccia and olive oil dip was calling my name before I was even awake this morning, I swear.

Knowing I would be indulging in the carb fest all day long I decided breakfast better be simple and healthy…and free from bread or pasta.  Yogurt and fruit to the rescue.


Coffee also rescued me during my weekly staff meeting.


When the meeting was over it was already lunch time.  I probably should have made salad but this one last leftover bowl of turkey soup was more appealing.  Besides I could dip bread in the soup. :)


My late afternoon was spent getting a massage.  I’m trying to get one per month and I was glad I had this one booked because I’ve been feeling the signs of my bulging disk thinking about rearing it’s head. 

On the way home in the dreary weather I couldn’t resist a half price tea latte.  It’s decaf so it counts as post-massage hydration, right?


And then…heaven on a plate.  I think I’ve consumed about a week’s worth of olive oil servings and healthy fats buy quintuple dipping the bread in the dip.  Good thing I ran out of olive oil.


It almost cast a shadow on my dinner of last night’s leftovers. Almost.


The leftovers include cheese.  Cheese trumps most anything.


And apparently a brie baker also works as an individual casserole dish. 

Now I’m craving the veggies that have been missing all day.  Maybe I’ll go chew on a carrot stick.  Or, you know, make hot chocolate.

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Laura said...

I vote hot chocolate. Carrots should only be eaten before 9pm.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I'd never heard of a brie-baker before...and good idea to use it as a mini casserole dish.

Frequent massage therapy sounds good!

Laura said...

i want individual casserole dishes, they are handy

Anonymous said...

That little brie baker is the cutest. And carbs, well... you had me at hello.

Lynn @ The Style Diaries said...

I saw that recipe in Chatelaine the other day and bookmarked it to make soon! Yours looks delish! :)

Healthy Jen said...

I want fresh bread and olive oil dip!! Can you believe I've never had olive oil dip? Did you make your own?

Carol said...

a) I have (okay, so I sell the stuff) about 4 of the brie-bakers and 2 of the larger ones. I HEART them all and use them all the time. If you liked the Ravioli recipe, you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Tum Yum soup!!!! Oh, man is it GOOD!