Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Soup

All out of English muffins…but I still needed something to hold my TJ’s almond butter…


Something a little different.


Cooked up with UVAB, banana, flax and cinnamon.


Keeping with the “back on track” theme another bigass salad made it’s way to the table for lunch.


In the big silver bowl: baby romaine, gala apple, celery, pomegranate, and Medjool dates.  Dressed with EVOO, honey and coarse salt.


For Christmas I received this awesome little brie baker from my Aunt who sells Epicure products.  For Christmas I also convinced my Mom to buy this deeeelish new camembert from Natural Pastures and then we didn’t eat it so I brought it home. :)


The baker is intended for the whole wheel of cheese so my little wedge made a mess but it still tasted ooey, gooey delish.

After lunch digested and work was caught up, back to the gym I went.  Tuesdays are now upper body day.  So I started out with a 20 minute treadmill incline power walk to warm up then powered my way through two sets of the upper body routine Tia created for me.  I had a lot of trouble getting into it last month when we had our training session because I was so worried about reinjuring myself but now that my back seems to be much stronger I can just be myself (carefully!).

Typical of me, I rummaged around in my gym bag and found a post-workout snack.  This Macrobar was part of the cross-border loot my friend Melinda brought me as a housewarming present.


Chewy and coconuty.  Two thumbs up.

Dinner took longer than I meant it to so I snacked on another flattened banana…this time with PB and raisins. The additions made it a real snack with staying power.


The big deal of the day was Turkey Soup!  Because the last three Christmases I have been on the road (and because before now I never really cared…ha!) I have never taken the Christmas turkey carcass for soup…but this year I basically absconded with it whether my Mom wanted me to or not.


No Recipe Turkey and Wild Rice Soup :)


There’s carrots, onions and celery in there. My personal addition is rutabaga instead of potatoes. Tastier and who wants potatoes with their rice? Not moi. If only I’d had fresh herbs on hand I might brag about this one a little louder.

Now I’m sipping on the largest cup of vanilla rooibos tea I could dig up while desperately trying to ignore my sweet tooth.  I made it through last night…so two more nights and I’m golden right?  Riiiiight?!! 

Who made up that three day rule anyway? Is it true?

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Lady J said...

I'd be more inclined to figure on 5 days at least before you feel the craving start to wane. I think you're insulin sensitive like me and because you have things like honey *even a drizzle* on your salad & that flattened banana with raisans it sets off an alarm in your body to want something sweet. I'm finding that Candy Cane Lane tea does the trick for me most evenings. Once you've redeveloped your regular workout routines, etc. it won't be such a big deal. You're doing good kiddo, keep it up and all will be well.... Mother's sage advice!! Over and out. *for now* xox

Laura said...

it's funny, i was looking at steel cut oats yesterday but i decided against them, they product a nice look bowl of oatmeal though.

i saw pomogrante's today but the scare me, but they look pretty

Lynn @ The Style Diaries said...

Can you send a bowl of that delicious looking soup my way? :)

Mmm, I need to roast a turkey just so I can make soup!

Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said...

Would you be able to explain, to me, what the texture of the flattened banana is?

I've seen these in the store but have yet to try them. Are they chewy, crispy...?

Jaime said...

@Laura: you are the second person to tell me you are afraid of pomegranates today! Don't be scared! They take a bit of work to pull apart but once you figure it out, they are yummy.

@Veggie Girl: The flattened bananas I have are from Trader Joes. I compare the texture to a fruit roll up. Chewy. They come all smooshed together and you can peel the layers apart.