Thursday, January 06, 2011

Day Before Today

Last night I had Tiffaney over for dinner and before I knew it we’d chatted through the evening and all I had time for before bed was to tidy my kitchen and do the dishes.  Blogging went poooof!

So because I know you are all just dying to know what I ate yesterday *eye roll* here ya go!

Coffee action shot…hard at work.


I love it when I remember to put together a breakfast cookie a la Fitnessista the night before.  Breakfast ready and waiting!


This one was made up of whole oats, flax, peanut butter, mashed banana, cinnamon and Craisins.  Topped it with the rest of the banana before shovelling it my face.


Delicious homemade turkey soup for lunch…you can’t tell but under that broth it’s chock full of veggies n stuff.  I promise.  I did maybe top it was fresh parmesan because…um, well…we all agree cheese makes everything better, no?


After lunch snacky-poo…TJ’s sweet n spicy pecans all go bye bye now.


No gym.  Wednesdays are now rest days unless the weather is nice enough for a walk or something.  Good thing anyway because finding time for the gym would have been a tight squeeze.

After work I munched a few tortillas while holding out for dinner.  Mindlessly munched I should say.  Don’t even just take the bag and think you’ll just eat a few!


Tiffaney ended getting to be guinnea pig for another pizza creation.  I really ought to feed that girl something other than pizza!  But she keeps telling me she likes it so I’ll take that as a good sign! :)

Veggie pizza on Pioneer Woman crust.  Garlic tomato paste with Italian seasonings, mushrooms lightly sautéed with fresh garlic, red onion, blanched broccoli and carrots…


…all topped with fresh basil, shredded pizza cheese, a sprinkle of coarse salt and red chili flakes.


All baked up…


Served sliced with more fresh basil and grated parmesan…


We went back for third slices and didn’t need dessert. Nom.

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