Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Direct Caffeine Delivery

Know what’s better than remembering to set the coffee to auto brew for the morning?  Having a friend decide to bring you coffee just cuz!


Surprise! It’s an Americano with a shot of chocolate syrup. Um yum. 

And some sort of soft and delicious breakfast cookie-type situation here.  It was full of all kinds of dried fruit, seeds, and other fun stuff.


Welcome work day distraction.  If only friends made coffee deliveries daily. :)

Around lunch time I decided I should really get those groceries I put off getting yesterday.  It meant I was missing my workout for today but it had to be done.  I bought two huge bags and one was completely full of produce!  My fruit bowl hasn’t been this happy in months.

My small breakfast had worn off by the time I was wandering through the deli looking for turkey so I decided to get a little something.  This Ancient Grains salad caught my attention and let’s just say I’m glad I only got a scoop because holy shiz I could have just kept eating.  I actually scoured the Thrifty Foods website hoping for the recipe but alas all I could find was a description so I may have to try recreating it on my own. The big deal?  Wheat berries!


That scoop was supposed to actually be the topper for my bigass salad but I ate it about 14.5 seconds after I walked in the door…so the fresh shrimp and avocado had to dive into the big silver bowl instead.


Spinach, carrots, beets, mixed bean sprouts, yellow peppers, fresh West Coast hand peeled shrimpies, 1/4 avocado…


And a little something you rarely see around here…store bought salad dressing.  I had a hankering for Ranch Dressing and this Bolthouse Farms one had a good ingredient list and low calories. 


Oh Peasant Bread.  How I would drive another 5 hours back to Tofino for you.  Thank you The Common Loaf Bakery (who don’t seem to have a website)!


That salad monster kept me full right up until I had to run out the door for photography class. But knowing I’d wind up hungry midway through class I made dinner anyway.  Leftover Pig. Just as good on day two.


Charmaine and I tackled manual focus, aperture, exposure and some metering in our class tonight.  So incredibly interesting.  Here’s hoping I retain something after sleeping on it!


Before settling in to write for you all I grabbed another juicy pear and devoured it in about a minute. 


Not a sweet in sight!  Save for the shot of chocolate in my coffee but that seriously satisfied my sweet tooth for the whole day.  I have another article to write and then I’m off to bed in the hopes of keeping that last statement true! Night.

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Anonymous said...

That certainly was some kick-ass bread! Great photo of Charmaine!