Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday night…

…a boy made me dinner.  That’s all the dirt you are getting! ;)

The point being that since I’ve been living on my own for over six months it’s pretty rare that anyone else cooks for me so I was quite excited when the offer presented itself.  Especially since I was fairly certain his claims about being a good cook were likely true. ha.

My little point and shoot didn’t do the meal any justice but it was delicious (and I didn’t get laughed at for playing paparazzi!).

While our dinner baked we snacked on spanakopita and sipped Montepulciano…


Our main course revolved around this gorgeous piece of salmon he was gifted and had been dying to cook up.  He told me the marinade for documenting here but of course I don’t remember…um…mayo, salt & pepper, herbs, and stuff. :)  Whatever, it was good!


With salad and rice (which makes for a terrible picture…big white blob). 


And um, oh yeah!  Homemade apple pie!! 


Apparently the way to girl’s heart is through her stomach. ha.

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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

OMG! He baked you a PIE! woot woot! Doesn't get betterh than that!