Wednesday, January 26, 2011

frilly lily

Oh the joy of remembering to set the coffee maker the night before!


Fresh brewed coffee I promise never to abandon you again! (Um, unless of course fresh coffee is delivered to my door again…that was sweet!)

I made the mistake of not making breakfast before my conference call and then of course it ran long so I didn’t actually eat breakfast until…oh I don’t know…12:30? Can you say HANGRY?!


Lemon yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, Kashi Go Lean.


I hopped in for a quick shower after eating then promptly made my second meal of the day.  I knew I’d be out all afternoon and needed to make sure I’d stay full until dinner.


Sammich made with that deeeelish Tofino peasant bread…with turkey, avocado, tomato, spinach, olive oil mayo and Dijon mustard.


nom. nom. nom.


After another hour or so of work I was off to get some girlie pampering.  Fresh new haircut.  She styled it all wavy for me…alas I had no fun places to be so only my fuzzypants boyfriend got to see it.


Front doesn’t look much different but she did such a slick job on the back!


I sipped a grande non-fat half sweet hazelnut coffee misto between appointments.


**And now! Here I have a PSA for any local Victoria ladies. (Gentlemen, you may wish to skip this part…tee hee.)**

I found the awesomest (yes it’s a word!) little boutique for a really good wax!  I didn’t start bikini waxing until I moved to Halifax (hello Dominican resort!) so I didn’t have any idea where to go when I moved back.  The place I tried before going to Vegas in September left me feeling…well, let’s just say it was um, “abrupt”…so I didn’t want to go back.

A bikini wax is no time to be cheap!


While walking down Fort Street one day I noticed this shop ‘frilly lily’ that specializes in “down there” (among other waxing as well as manicures and pedicures, etc) so gave them a Google.  I was pleased to learn they are a small franchise with a huge following and decided to give them a try.


A bikini wax is never a fabulous event but Jess took excellent care, was a great conversationalist, and did a beautiful job.  So if anyone is looking for a new esthetician for your girl’s business I definitely recommend frilly lily.  (There are locations in Vancouver and Calgary too…and I assume more on the way.)

As a side note: the shop is super cute, sells their line of bath and beauty products, has an upstairs studio for pedicures…and get this…pedicure parties!  I want one. :)

**OK boys, I’m done.**

Back at home I had work to do since I’d been out playing hooky all afternoon.  Wine was necessary.  Not good wine, but whatevs. ha.


I snacked on a banana and Sunflower Butter until I found a few minutes to cook dinner.


Dinner was a super simple Salmon Salad. 

I made a paste of olive oil mayo, Dijon, smidge of honey, fresh rosemary, salt and pepper…then spread it atop a fresh wild Coho salmon filet which I had squirted with lemon juice.  Baked the fish at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.


Popped it on top of a bigass salad made from spinach, tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers, bean sprouts, and beets dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.


My late-ish dinner kept me from snacking while I spent my evening working, Tweeting and watching American Idol (I think Steven Tyler may have single handedly rescued the show for me!)

Sipping yummy tea while I blog away and it’s off to bed with me.  There’s a Castle episode just awaiting my snuggles under the covers.



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Liz said...

hair = gorgeous!!

Cat said...

maybe you, me and Tiff can do a pedicure party when I come out on the 25th?

you're pretttttyyyy.

lollipoopmonster said...

love your new wavy hair! it looks good on you.. wonder if there's a frilly lily branch here in australia.. I'd really love to get a brazilian bikini for my upcoming asia tour. but so far, nads brazilian and bikini kit have not yet failed me. though I'm willing to try another product/ salons :)

btw, thanks for sharing your salmon salad recipe.. great help indeed!

Jessica @ The Virtual Scrapbook said...

I have to try that bread! It looks delicious!!