Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello long lost blog friends!! 

So yesterday I had these AMAZING intentions of cleaning up my eating act after my weekend away…but alas it didn’t quite work out as planned.  I blame it on the fact that for some ungodly reason I thought I shouldn’t have coffee in the morning.  What the effing monkey was I thinking?

Breakfast was all good…


Delicious fresh Peasant Bread I brought home from Tofino…with Sunflower Butter and banana.  A juicy pear on the side.


Lunch was a bon voyage date for my friend Nicole who is moving to Germany (!!) this week.  She missed out on our girlie weekend due to her move so Ingmarie and I squeaked in one last date with her at Pig BBQ Joint in the new Atrium building downtown Victoria.


Um, holy shiz. Deeeelish and filling. I’ve been hearing about Pig for eons…as it started out as a hole in the wall, then moved up, then up some more. I was pretty stoked about finally getting to go there (even if it did mean giving up salad for another day!). 

The menu is actually pretty extensive (the girls both had the amazing looking fried chicken) but I opted to stick with the traditional pulled pork meal for my first visit.  It came with corn bread, whipped butter, and my choice of coleslaw or beans…but I wanted both so just paid the extra $.


It may not look like it’s huge, but I was soooo full about 1/3 of the way in.  I ate to the half way mark because it was tasty but eventually succumbed to packing it up to bring home.  This actually made me happy because I have now scored two full meals for under $15. Wooo.

The pork was definitely my favourite part…so tender and tangy. Corn bread isn’t my favourite but theirs was tasty especially with the delicious butter business.  The coleslaw was fabulously crisp and crunchy (I’m more of a creamy coleslaw gal but it still tasted fab) and the beans were pretty much awesome.  More like a dish of sweet mixed bean chili with all kinds of tomatoes and onions and such going on.


I washed it all down with a fun soda… Boylan’s Birch Beer.  Yum.


After that I really needed a nap, but back to work with me instead.  I was full all afternoon but eventually decided I a caffeine hit was necessary so I busted into my Spicy Mandarin Silk Road tea (using my cute new bumble bee tea ball!). 


My evening plans had been to get fresh groceries, hit the gym for an hour of cardio and calorie burning, and to devour a bigass salad….but I was presented with the offer of a movie date I couldn’t turn down.  I’ve been looking for someone to see The Fighter with since it came out and my friend Ray was up for the show so I rearranged my schedule and made it happen.

Squeeeeezed in a 40 minute gym trip which included a quick row, a quick run, and a quick set of core work.  Skipped the groceries, ate a banana for dinner, and complemented all of that with movie theatre popcorn and a post-movie glass of wine.

Not at all healthy but fun nonetheless.  Maybe today I’ll finally eat a vegetable.  We’ll see. :)

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Jessica said...

showing you some love.............

Dave really wants to go to this place when we come to Vic now!! haha

Bringing Pretty Back said...

This whole post was a crack up! I am impressed you got to the gym !
Have a pretty day!!!

Jessica @ The Virtual Scrapbook said...

I just started formally 'following' you! (I've been reading for a while). You're already well past 300 :)

Lady J said...

So, was the movie all you'd hoped it would be? xox