Thursday, January 20, 2011

Run-around Girl

Whoa. Today was the day of the to-do list. Why, when I’m heading out of town, do I wind up with the busiest day ever?

Things started out calm enough.  Desk and priorities organized, coffee poured…


First hiccup was some dirty bugger in my building using all of the washing machines when I wanted to do laundry.  Thankfully after I made my toast and went back down they were done.

Squirrelly with Sunflower…


Work, work, work, laundry, laundry, laundry. Self manicure. Lunch!


Knowing I’d be away this weekend, last night I cleaned out the dead perishables from the fridge and chopped up the last of the carrots and celery.  Paired with some slightly past it’s due date hummus, rice crackers, and mozzarella cheeeeese.


Work, work, shower, work, run behind schedule, slap make-up on, run for meeting.  Grab much needed grande extra hot non-fat vanilla latte along the way.


Race through meeting, text about evening plans falling apart, buy groceries, get booze, fuel up (gas went up 4 cents over night!!), return home with stress relievers in grocery bag…


Did you know they make Valentine’s Day candy corn?  I do now.

The rest of the evening was a blur of packing, working, charging electronics, digging through my storage locker and eating too many of those gummy bears.  Dinner didn’t cross my mind until I sat down to cross things of the to-do list.


Dammit…kitty litter needs changing!  Anyone? :)

Rescued via impromptu text from a hungry friend…dinner involved me changing back into jeans, pulling my hair up, and running down the hall.  We drove til we found parking and an open restaurant.  Won Ton soup…thank you very much!

And now I’m ready for my weekend away with the girls! Tofino here we come!

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Anonymous said...

I've heard that Tofino is spectacular! When we were last in Victoria we fell in love with the Noodle Box... I wish we had one in Ottawa.