Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spicy Sleep

Note to self (and anyone that makes the delicious Tom Yum Soup):  Don’t eat it an hour before bed.

I absolutely could not sleep last night even though I was beyond exhausted.  And it wasn’t my usual pain in the temporal lobe insomnia.  It was spicy-food-in-my-belly-awakedness.  Lesson learned.

It was sometime after 4:15am when I last glared at my clock so you can imagine just how excited I was to get out of bed at 8:45am. I may have hugged my coffee cup after dragging my flannel clad butt through the kitchen over to my desk.


Not surprisingly, the coffee pretty much made me feel worse.  I knew I needed to get some vitamins and nutrients in my body if I was going to make it through the day.

Enter the green smoothie.  Er, um, purple smoothie in this case.  Of all the days to be out of spinach! 


In the Kitchen Aid today:  frozen blueberries, frozen pineapple, fresh banana, Amazing Grass Superfood, flax, hemp, UVAB.  With extra hempy goodness on top for texture.


My body must have started absorbing the healthy love right away because I felt a zillion times better by the time I got to the bottom of that glass.

Couldn’t pass up the morning carbs though…especially with a brand new loaf of my favourite Squirrelly bread…


…and a brand new jar of more Trader Joe’s love in the form of Sunflower Seed Butter.  I’ve been holding out opening this because I don’t like having too many open jars in my cupboard at one time.


Creamy and delicious…just as expected.

A while later while waiting for lunch to reheat I couldn’t resist a flattened banana.


And of course lunch had to be leftover Tom Yum Soup…which was pretty much just as tasty as last night’s bowl(s).  Especially with the addition of more fresh cilantro and a fresh squeeze of lime.


Hopefully I ate that early enough that it doesn’t keep me awake tonight!

Dinner was a race through the kitchen while I got ready for my new weekly night class.  I slammed together two small tortillas with grated mozza and a big scoop of salsa, heated in the oven until melty, then rolled up and shovelled them into my piehole. :)


Tonight marked the first session of a 10-class Introductory Photography class I am taking with my friend Charmaine at Camosun College


Tonight was just a lot of getting to know the instructor, tutorials on how cameras actually work, and outlines of what we will be learning over the next couple of months.  So far so good!  I will document more about the class over at Such a Rebel if you are at all interested in hearing what I learn (or more likely…what I remember!).

I did snack on a piece of Clif Bar during the break in class, but I will have to meal plan better for Tuesdays from now on because I was pretty hungry by the time we finished.

Settled my rumbling tummy with a pear and wedge of mozzarella.  Hopefully that keeps the hunger monster at bay so I can sleep sometime before 4am tonight.


And on that note….pj time!

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Laura said...

i'm thinking i'll need to skype with you for notes, i'm a complete camera novice

Jenny said...

A friend of mine and my sister both too that exact same course @ Camosun and loved it. They learned so much and seemed to really like the instructor too, enjoy!

Looking forward to my next trip to TJ's!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try that soup, if only for being able to say "Tom Yum" over and over again.

jowdjbrown said...

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