Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Yummies

So after a week back on track I would give myself a grade of about 80%.  I pretty much stuck to my meal plans all of last week, but I did end up missing one workout and went a big hog wild over the weekend.  Social eating certainly trumped thoughts of healthy choices. I’m really OK with that though because everything was lovely and delicious.

Saturday I took a break from the camera while enjoying the day.

  • fabulous full fat latte from Fernwood Coffee.
  • gorgeous (yet chilly) walk along the beach at Cadboro Bay.
  • BLT and Chocolate Porter at Smuggler’s Pub.
  • red wine (gotta love having your new chandelier installed in exchange for payment in booze!).
  • homemade quesadilla and too much True Blood Season One.

Sunday I dragged out both of my cameras and got back to bloggy documentation.

The other Jamie and I haven’t seen each other since before Christmas so we headed out for Sunday brunch at Lady Marmalade.  I had a craving for their super awesome Spinach & White Cheddar Waffles with tomato cream sauce, roasted tomatoes, bacon, and salad.


After filling my tummy to the brim I decided it was finally time to take my Boxing Day prezzie to myself out for a walk.  I froze my tail off but got some gorgeous shots with my new lens and burned a handful of calories while I was at it.

Fisgard Lighthouse

Warmed up with a half price Grande Non Fat Extra Hot Tazo Chai a la Starbucks afterwards (and actually another walk around Cook Street Village because apparently I’m trying to torture my hips and make up for that missed workout!).

For dinner my friend Laura suggested sushi but the restaurant we wanted to try is closed on Sundays so we decided on Vietnamese instead.  I really only ever go to one Vietnamese restaurant here in Victoria, so trying out Green Leaf was a nice change for me.

It was absolutely delicious!

We shared the deep fried tofu and fresh salad rolls to start.  We were both really impressed with the peanut sauce for the rolls.  I would go back and just swim around in the sauce I think. :)


For my main meal I opted for the Lemongrass Chicken which was stir fried chicken over vermicelli noodles with lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, and sweet sauce.


It was fabulous.  Fresh, delicious, and filling.  I tried to finish my bowl but just couldn’t do it.  There are noodles and chicken just chilling in my fridge for lunch today. :)

There was another Chocolate Porter in my day yesterday too.  I’ve obviously got a current favourite beer.  Coffee, red wine, chocolately dark beer… I see a pattern.

And now….off to the gym to undo some damage!

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Laura said...

i cant stop dipping my finger into the dark chocolate dreams, i see a pattern there. i need more of it, i say!

Beaglebea said...

Hmm...everything looks so good....looks like an awesome weekend too. Glad you had fun.