Monday, January 17, 2011


Saturday was action packed. 

Brunch with Jamie at Glo.  Their brunch menu was basically three varieties of Bennies or French Toast.  I opted for traditional benny and it was deeelish.


We ran some errands then spent a good portion of our day trying to get the hell out of the underground parking at Wal-Mart.  Holy busy shopping day Batman.

I did manage to acquire a much needed 1.5TB external hard drive ($99 at Best Buy FYI)…


That night I helped my friend Heather celebrate her birthday with Music Bingo at The Monkey Tree Pub.  To my surprise it was crazy fun and the bar was a freaking dance party extraordinaire.  I highly recommend it.


I consumed multiple Strongbows and decided a bacon cheeseburger was the way to go for dinner.  Afterwards I may have let my friend Nicole kidnap me…and totally force me to drink champagne while we girl talked ourselves into the weeee hours.

Sunday morning came a bit too early, but another yummy brunch fixed that right up.  Spoon’s will be my new go-to hearty brunch spot…I didn’t realize it was a Floyd’s incarnation.  My french toast was delicious and the hashbrown special was redonkulous.  I forgot my point & shoot camera, but no worries because there will be multiple opportunities in the future.

The rest of the day was spent driving around in the rain and taking James Dean for a bit of a seaside wander


Brunch was so big I didn’t require another meal all day. Booyah.

PS:  Both The Town and The Social Network were great watches.

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Anonymous said...

Benny is the best way to start a day! Sounds like an awesome weekend!