Sunday, February 06, 2011

Celebrating Love

Saturday was dedicated to my friend Melinda and her upcoming nuptials.  Bridal shower!


Before heading out for the party I started my day with a double tall, extra hot, 1/2 sweet vanilla latte (I forgot the non fat part!).


And a quick banana and sunflower butter sammich on Squirrelly bread.


Because I live my life perpetually 5-10 minutes behind I was a tad bit late leaving the city and ended up stuck on the Malahat (the highway to the rest of the island) because some poor girl had flipped her car and emergency services were blocking traffic.

Needless to say the girls were already wrapping Melinda in boas and filling her glass by the time I arrived.


Typical of a gaggle of girls, we had five times too much food.  I brought my yummy Smoked Salmon Dip with multigrain Wheat Thins and sesame rice crackers.


Evil Costco cream puffs.  For future reference, these are perfectly delicious!  I kept my snacking very under control until I realized I’d eaten about six of these. Ah well!


Don’t worry, we didn’t just eat!


We played games!


Including the traditional creation of toilet paper wedding dresses. :)  I am sure Mel will love that I’ve posted this picture of her. ha.


Don’t worry, I’m making it up to her with this gorgeous shot.  Look Mel, you make a good looking pseudo Mama! tee hee.


Here we are!


Before I headed out the door I couldn’t resist the chocolate cake.  De-freaking-licious Kristen.  I’m Googling Wacky Cake as soon as I finish this post!


Since Melinda lives in Chemainus…which is 3/4 of the way to my Mom’s place…I decided to venture up to Nanaimo and visit for the night.  I warned my Mom ahead of time that I’m diligently sticking to my Jump Start plan and told her no traditional Mother-Daughter Chinese take-out.

So she shopped and cooked for me!  Steamed broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts served with these stuffed chicken breasts we baked up.


One seafood, and one bacon & chive.  In reality, these were HUGE!  So we split them in half and I ate about half of a half (um, I guess that’s a quarter…ha).


Mom actually made a beautiful bigass salad but we had so much other stuff that we saved the salad. 

Later on we watched a movie while sipping hot tea and munching Lifestyles cookies.  I’d totally forgotten about those delicious Cranberry-Citrus biscuits! nom.


All in all a fun day full of friends and family!  And I’m quite pleased with how my eating went.  I was mindful of pretty much everything I ate and feel good about how it all went down.  Even those rogue cream puffs.  Totally worth every.bite.

Congratulations Melinda!!!

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Jessica said...

that picture with her with the boa is GORGEOUS!!

Looks like you had a blast!