Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coconut Cream Blog

Well would you look at that?  Two weekend days of blogging.  That doesn’t happen often around here!

The plans I had for this morning fell through so I took the opportunity to get some much needed housework done.  Tidy, shiny, clean!


After coffee, sweeping, dusting, mopping and bathroom sparkling I’d worked up an appetite.  Perusing the fridge led to a delicious egg white wrap.


Scrambled egg whites with red peppers and black beans seasoned with cumin, salt & pepper.  Topped with salsa and piled into a whole wheat tortilla spread with a little light cream cheese.


Once my chores were done I realized I finally had a couple of glorious free hours to just sit with my Snuggie and my coffee and read!!  My weekends are always so full of errands, photography treks, or fun with friends that it’s been forever since I just sat back and enjoyed a few hours of reading.


The generous team at HarperCollins Canada sent me a copy of The Pioneer Woman’s great new book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels to read and report back on.  I’ve been waiting to have a good amount of time to spend on it.


I got through the first seven chapters in no time flat.  It’s fun to delve into the story of how Ree met her Marlboro Man… I thought I’d read most of it in her online stories but I seem to have forgotten a lot so it’s like a new story for me.

When I peeled myself off the sofa I was hungry but didn’t really want lunch so I fished around in what’s left of my bar stash and came up with an Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Clif Bar.


A little more puttering later and it was time for a light dinner.  A simple salad with mixed veggies and chickpeas hit the spot.


I had to keep it light because my friend Laura was coming over for a little girl chat…and she was bringing homemade…wait for it…

Coconut Cream Pie!!


Hello beautiful.


I would like to thank the three other girlfriends that bailed throughout the day.  More pie for me!!  Laura did a phenomenal job.  The coconut cream filling was amazing and I’m pretty much in love with her crust.


Laura and I ate our pie, drank our tea, and ended up sitting on the hallway floor talking girl talk for the better part of three hours.  How time flies when you’re fuelled by custard and toasted coconut.


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Lady J said...

Although that pie looks absolutely amazing and I'm sure tasted even better, I'm more interested in why you girls sat on the hallway floor for 3 hrs.?? xox

Laura said...

oh boy, this pie looks incredible. go laura!

i just adore girl talk, hours of chatting.

Corinne said...

that pie looks delicious! And I love finding hours on a weekend to just sit back, relax and read a good book!