Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Crash Bandicoot

So turns out my work website was down yesterday due to some super crazy server crash going on.  A bit of a catastrophe for an internet based company! Of course that didn’t mean we wouldn’t still have our weekly conference call. 


A little difficult to discuss customer stats but we still managed to make it a two hour call.  Sadly, this catastrophe ate pretty much ALL of the work I did on Monday (and a bunch of other stuff from the last 7-10 days) so tomorrow I will be up to my eyeballs redoing things.  Joy.

Breakfast was a light bowl of organic vanilla yogurt, raw oats, flax meal, blackberries and blueberries.


Since I’m at a bit of a standstill work wise I decided to use my time to do some meal planning and get a small load of fresh groceries.

Instead of buying myself a food treat I came home with a mixed bunch of tulips.  LOVE them!


For lunch I grabbed another container of that super yummy ancient grains salad from Thrifty’s.  Along with some roasted beets and carrots I piled it on top of a bowl of baby spinach.


On the side I tried these pakoras from the grocery store deli.  The plain veggie ones were just so-so (frozen peas and carrots in there…meh) but the cauliflower and spinach ones were pretty good.


After lunch I cozied up with hot tea (still freezing!) and a cookie or three from the gift batch I made last night.


Eventually I was finally able to tackle some work…it’s coming in sections.  After catching up on what I could I made dinner and settled in for American Idol. 


Fresh West Coast shrimp salad (shrimp, olive oil mayo, lemon juice, fresh Italian parsley, sriracha and salt) with tomatoes and spinach on toasted Squirrelly bread.


So delicious!  I heart shrimpie salad!

I see two more cookies left in the container and a kettle that needs boiling.  Off to bed with extra blankies for me tonight.  I might even do something crazy like read!

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Ali @ A Serendipitous Life said...

I've never tried shrimp salad on a sandwich, though this is going to change. I LOVE seeing your ideas on here. I constantly use your recipes/inspiration (as you know). Yummy!