Sunday, February 27, 2011

Field Trip!

It’s a Saturday morning, there’s frozen snow on the ground, no one is dying and for some reason I’m up at 8am.  I don’t get up at 8am on work days.  What the h3ll is going on?

Photography Field Trip!

I was late picking Charmaine up because the near empty Starbucks took about a gajillion years to make our two lattes.  I waited though because there was no way I was making it through an outdoor photo session without extra hot caffeine in my system.


Here we are looking like we totally know what we are doing!


I borrowed a snazzy tripod from my friend Alex which was quite a treat.  After a bit of a chat by our instructor, Charmaine and I wandered off to find a place to set up and shoot.  It took us a few tries but we finally found a spot we were both happy with…we didn’t last too long before we started to freeze to death though.  I couldn’t feel my toes and called it a day!

On the way back to the car we took some fun freehand shots…poor duckies!!!


Sadly confused seagull.  What’s going on?!


We hopped in the car and headed for the closest warm place for brunch we could think of.  Milestones.


Quite the view!


Hot coffee to soak my feet in.


We both ordered the California Benny….shrimp, bacon, avocado. Bliss.


After warming up and filling up we headed back outside to take a few more pictures at the waterfront.  Unfortunately we only lasted about 5 minutes because it was just too cold.  My feet were soaked!


We made a trip to lululemon where I may have finally procured a new workout outfit (new grooves!) before heading home to warm up and relax for the afternoon.

I needed hot tea and a warm blanket when I got home. 


Perfect afternoon for a cuddle with the kitty, a light snooze, and a leftover snack.


I’m helping Stoopy to see the entertainment value of all three seasons of Castle. :)


Saturday evening was girl’s night out!  Tough to drag myself away from my warm apartment but a delicious dinner and fabulous company worked it’s magic to lure me back outdoors.  Stay tuned!

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Lynn @ The Style Diaries said...

Now that is my kind of day! :)

Ali @ A Serendipitous Life said...

It all looks fabulous! I miss Victoria, I haven't been in a LONG time. I have to do Van in April, so maybe I can make it down that way in May or's gorgeous in the summer.