Monday, February 21, 2011

Frittata on the Fly

Happy President’s Day my American friends!!  And Happy Family Day to any Canadian friends lucky enough to live in one of the provinces that has it!  Alas, it’s not a holiday in BC. :(


I did get a lax work day due to the fact that my co-workers are mostly US based.  So I enjoyed an extra hour in bed before sipping coffee and eating overnight oats.


Oats, flax meal, honey, goji berries, cinnamon, water and UVAB.  Topped with banana slices this morning.

Lunch was definitely the highlight of the day!  Amongst the Jump Start meal ideas there is a suggestion of scrambled eggs with ham.  That seemed a wee bit boring and since I had half of a sweet potato just screaming to be used I decided mixing everything together would be the way to go.


Mozza, Ham and Sweet Potato Frittata for one!


Cubed and pan roasted the sweet potato simply with olive oil, salt & pepper.  About 15 minutes over med-high heat, until potatoes are easily poked with a fork.

In a sprayed ovenproof dish (I used my brie baker) layer sweet potato (I used half of what I had) a bit of the cheese, then a mixture of 1/2 cup egg whites, splash of milk, pinch of oregano, s&p to taste, 1/2 oz chopped black forest ham, 1 tbsp green onion, and more mozzarella.  Top with remaining mozza (1 oz total).  Bake at 400F for 20 minutes.


Served with tossed salad.


I knew it would be tasty but I was so amazingly pleased with how totally yummy it turned out!! 


It was sooooo filling I actually saved my salad for about an hour later.  Which ruined dinner.  Especially because I snacked on shrimp crackers…


And banana bread…


Then met the other Jamie for a hot tea latte (and deliciously warm and gooey apple fritter!).  Dinner be gone.

I’m snacking on pickles and ham while I write and see a bigass glass of water in my future.


Prepare to see that frittata rise again.  It was THAT good.

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MoraPiggy said...

That frittata looks devine.

Katie said...

I agree! I want that frittata. :)

I'm also intrigued by those shrimp crackers...

Michelle said...

Oh man, I'm looking at the pics and thinking "gee, I wish I had a cute little casserole dish to make that in", then I read that it's your brie baker. Genius! I have one of those!