Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Sexy Rumpus Day

I woke up on time this morning.  Grumble, it’s Monday.

I wandered out into the kitchen for my coffee.  Grumble, it’s Monday.

Sat down at my computer.  Oh crap, grumble, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Sulked.  Grumble, I’m single. 

At least my Mommy loves me. :)  She sent me this cute animated Jacquie Lawson Valentine last night so I’d have it this morning.


I decided to embrace the day cuz I love it regardless of if I have a current manfriend or not.  I mean it’s a day about love, hearts, pink stuff and chocolate.  What’s not to enjoy?!

Coffee in my smooshy wooshy heart mug.


Yogurt oats showing some love.


With organic vanilla yogurt, oats, flax, banana and Craisins.


Lunch wasn’t quite as romantic but it was a nice change.  Yet another Jump Start inspired meal. 


  • 1 cup cooked pearl barley
  • 2 cups mixed greens
  • 1 navel orange, segmented
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • salt & pepper


Barley is often the forgotten grain around here. It was chewy and delicious!  The salad itself needed a little something more but it was still filling and hit the spot.


Late afternoon I hauled myself off to the gym.  Self magazine put out a new set of exercises to incorporate in the Jump Start program this month so I decided to give them a go.  Again with the yoga inspired moves, this set is described as tone-all-over and I could see why.  I really found a couple of the moves quite difficult and even with my modifications could feel the burn in my bum, arms and legs.  I must be careful with this set though because there seems to be a bit more twisting and bending which may set off my old lady bad back….

Finished off with a shorter version of cardio routine #1 using the elliptical and the stair stepper.  I’m starting to actually enjoy the elliptical…weird!

Post-gym snack was a Gala apple with dessert hummus dip.


I whirled a scoop of the kookie dough (chocolate chips and all) with some UVAB in the food processor to make it a drippy dippy…nom.

After work I was off to meet my own Valentines…Tiffaney and Tia for a little potluck dinner.  I’ll give you three guesses what I brought…


Bigass salad of course.  To go alongside a gorgeous roast chicken Tiff brought…

IMG_6711IMG_6711 (2)

…and delicious homemade tuna tartare Tia put together.

I could have gone for a bit of a swim in this fabulous dish.  Tuna, avocado, Asian seasonings, fresh herbs.  Heaven.  I suspect the recipe was a little something like this… a la Jamie Oliver.


We served it on toasted baguette alongside the salad, chicken and hummus with tortilla chips.  NOM!

To finish our meal I brought over (most of) the slice of leftover Coconut Cream Pie Laura left me last night.  We shared it between the three of us and spent a few moments in heaven.  Thanks Laura!!

Possibly the best moment of today was when this perfect gem from The Oatmeal arrived on my Facebook feed.  For all of you Valentine’s Day haters out there… shush your faces.  Today’s post seriously sums up my exact feelings.


If you don’t do anything else today, read that.  And thank me for sharing the truth…and the giggles.  Sexy rumpus!!!  fapfap FAP!

hugs and smooooshes,


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Conny Mc said...

I am coming to write something quickly to stop the whine LOL!
I read your blog but sometimes I feel stalkerish if I leave comments!

Anonymous said...

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