Monday, February 28, 2011



I’ve mentioned before that my most visited recipe is Healthy Broccoli Soup…but the recipe people tell me love the most is Sweet Potato, Spinach and Chicken Enchiladas. Since everyone else seems to like them so much I figured it was high time I made them again!  So onto the meal plan they went and last night I whipped up a batch.

Before we get to those though, here’s the rest of the boring stuff I ate today. :)


Cottage cheese, fresh berries, walnuts…


Bigass salad!


In the big silver bowl: red leaf lettuce, red peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and feta cheese.  Olive oil & balsamic as dressing.  Focaccia on the side.


Apple and sunflower butter snack…


Pre-workout snack…Kashi Honey Almond Flax with vanilla soy milk…


Post workout chow down!  Enchies!!  This batch includes chicken, black beans, steamed spinach and mashed sweet potatoes in ancient grains tortillas.


All previous incarnations of my enchiladas have been made with store bought sauce.  Upon Googling I realized the sauce is actually pretty straight forward so I made my own this time.  The recipe I went with was Emeril’s Easy Enchilada Sauce.


I came up short on cumin so the sauce is missing a bit of that smoky flavour but I jazzed it up with fresh cilantro and that seemed to work.  Next time I’ll be better prepared with my ingredients!!


Until then, these beauties will provide delicious dinners and freezer back up. Nom.

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Jackie said...

Oh my those enchiladas look & sound absolutely DELISH! Adding to my "to-make" list now!

JavaChick said...

I love enchiladas. Oddly enough, my sisters and I have been making enchiladas ever since I came home with the recipe after making them in a high school home economics class. They were a family favorite and when my baby sister comes to visit we often make them. Of course, now we enjoy them along with a pitcher of margaritas. :)

Wah! I miss my sisters. They are both out west now - baby sis moved to Victoria last summer. She is in East Sookie? I think that's what it's called. She actually mentioned going to the Metchosin Cafe which I remembered seeing on your blog. Small world. :)