Thursday, February 10, 2011

Light Blue

I’m trying to type with wet nails. ha. Should prove interesting.

Simple. Coffee.


Last night I prepped breakfast. Another go at a Jump Start recipe…Make-Ahead Muesli…which is their take on what we food bloggers call Overnight Oats.


Oats, honey, cinnamon, walnuts (I also added flax) topped with water (I added UVAB), covered and refrigerated overnight.


They recommend topping with chopped apple…who would I be to disagree?!


All of the water didn’t soak in but otherwise it was pretty good.  I would make this again but probably with way more UVAB, less liquid overall, and I definitely wouldn’t soak the walnuts…they lost their texture and taste overnight.


It was nice to have a more substantial breakfast again.  Held me over all the way through the gym. 

At the gym today I tackled the toning moves (by memory!  forgot my magazine…) and decided to try out cardio routine #3.  The skipping scared me but I made my way through it without tooooo much trouble.  Again I modified it to a 30 minute session to make sure I don’t reinjure my back.

Back at home I couldn’t wait to grab an icy cold Larabar from the fridge. I read this tip on a blog somewhere and what a good idea!


While I munched the bar I got lunch ready.  Leftover black bean & quinoa mixture from last night mixed with salsa and light cheddar all rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla.


Wrapped in foil to heat through…


And served with the rest of this morning’s apple. 


Because lunch + Lara were so filling I kept dinner quite light.

Simply salmon and bok choy.


The salmon was coated with a mix of olive oil mayo, Dijon and soy sauce…sprinkled with fresh pepper.  The bok choy just baked right along side the fish.


Bok choy was a little overdone but the salmon was perfectly delicious!

After dinner chocolatey treat…


And as soon as my nails dry I’m going digging for a handful of crackers and a cup of hot tea.  There is some reading to be done, some melatonin to take, and a cozy sleep to be had.  Night!

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Sarah said...

Just showing some love and letting you wake up to a comment! Have a wonderful Friday.

Mama Pea

Christy said...

mmm that salmon and bok choy look tasty :)

Happy Friday!

Kevin said...

I like the overnight muesli recipe. I've tried overnight oats in the slow cooker but they always end up burning...