Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mama Day

This morning I was ever so rudely awakened by my phone ringing at the ungawdly hour of like 8:35am. Pffft. ;)  I decided it was OK though because it was a florist calling to arrange a delivery time.  Woooo!

I was perplexed because Valentine’s Day was two days ago, and well…I don’t have a Valentine this year…so who the heck was sending me flowers?  This afternoon this super cute plant basket arrived…


…from my Mama!  “just because she loves me”.  Isn’t she the best?!

Before that basket of sunshine arrived I toughed through my Wednesday conference call with coffeeeee…


…half a whole wheat English muffin with sunflower butter and overripe banana…


…and organic vanilla yogurt with fresh organic blueberries and walnut pieces.


This afternoon’s lunch came care of the cancellation of last night’s dinner.  I had fresh halibut in the fridge that had to be cooked today.


A gorgeous bowl of Italian Halibut Stew…today with added barley because I had it on hand.  A really great addition!


Afternoon cheer.  Cheeeeep!


I was positive I had an afternoon snack, but I have no photo evidence and after racking my brain for the last 20 minutes I’ve come to the conclusion that I must not have had anything. ha.

After work it was dinner time Mama Pea style!  I’ve been anticipating this meal all week… Sloppy Josephines!


My grocery store only had two dried lentil options…so I went with organic green lentils.


I had to sub balsamic for the red wine vinegar and didn’t bother buying BBQ sauce because I would never use the rest of it.


The mixture came together very fast (after the 25 minutes for cooking the lentils…which I damn near overcooked!!) and very easily.  I made the full batch so I have leftovers for the weekend and a nice sized container in the freezer.

Keeping with keeping my grocery budget down I opted not to buy buns, but instead chose English muffins as my bread of choice this week…worked perfectly as a burger bun.


The best part of the whole thing was the tangy pickles squished right in there with the sloppy goodness.


Looking pretty right now.  You should have seen me eat that bad boy.


Sweet potato chips on the side.  Burger and fries healthy style, yo!

Thanks Mama Pea.  My belly was sufficiently stuffed and my taste buds were sufficiently satisfied.

The rest of my evening fell victim to TV, which never happens since I only get three channels and barely any of the shows I actually watch show up on those channels.  However, Survivor and American Idol do. :)

I curled up with the last of THE PIE and a dose of Boston Rob.


It may have been the strangest Tribal Council ever.  That Philip guy needs to go.  Like yesterday.

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Laura said...

healthy jo & fries, oh i'm happy & mama peas recipe looks incredible

Michelle said...

Hi! Just recently came across your blog. I love your food pics and I'm getting some great new ideas, thanks!!

And I woke up still mad at Philip. Grrr.

Conny Mc said...

Loved Survivor last night. This was my girlfriend's status on Facebook after the show last night:
"loves that they allowed the insane guy out of the asylum to go on Survivor"!
I want to keep Philip around for the train wreck aspect! LOL

JavaChick said...

I've made the Snobby Joes from Veganomicon a couple of times (similar idea) and I love them. Mama Pea's look good too!