Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Playing Hooky

When I rolled over and looked at the clock this morning I was positive it said like 10:00 and lurched out of bed in a panic.  I blinked and looked again and it was only 8:54.  Phew.  Slept a bit past my alarm but I wasn’t late.

Sipped on a glass of OJ while checking my first round of work emails…


Turned out my work website was down so I couldn’t tackle most of my daily tasks.  I sipped on coffee and worked on some accounting instead.


Conveniently I received a call from my friend Ray. He had the day off and was looking for a lunch or coffee companion…nice timing since I couldn’t really work much.  I had a Groupon for Flying Otter Grill burning a hole in my purse and asked if he wanted to try it out.


I bought the Groupon knowing it would make for a good meal one day because Cat and I went there this Summer and it was delicious.

Today we were actually able to sit on the enclosed and heated patio…which is funny because in the Summer it was so hot we couldn’t.  Even if their food wasn’t yummy the view is worth trying the place out.


Since I hadn’t had breakfast I wanted a hearty lunch.  I opted for their beef dip because it included shoe-string onions, mozzarella & horseradish aioli! nom.  I did decide against fries though because I’ve been doing a lot of eating out and need more salad in my life.


Besides, they make an excellent salad.  I ate every last bite.

Creepy dining companion.


Conversation stopper.  Holy loud.  But neat!


I spent some of the afternoon just chilling out and enjoying the weekday work break.  Around 5:00 I checked in and found our site was still down so I tackled a short report I could do without the site.  Snacked on a flattened banana while I worked.


My apartment started to get chilly this evening (probably due to the fact that I opened the sliding door for the cat because I’m nice like that) so I was happy to find one last bowl of homemade broccoli soup to heat up for dinner.


With light cheddar and multigrain Wheat Thins.


The heat is now cranked up, I have hot rooibos tea…


and the oven is about to be on while I bang out some cookies using these bad boys!


I have sugary peanut butter and I’m not afraid to use it! Treats for a friend.  Well, and you know, one or five for me. :)

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JavaChick said...

I open the window for my cats too. I figure the fresh air is good for them. My husband is not so impressed with the idea.

Also, feel free to send some of those cookies my way. ;)

Jen Gordon said...

I'm just jealous you actually need an alarm to wake you up at 8 ish. My kids make sure I'm up every morning at the BUTT crack of dawn! :)