Monday, February 07, 2011

Quality Weekend

Yesterday was a bit all over the map.  Woke up at Mom’s to freshly brewed coffee…


…and a light breakfast of yogurt, berries, and hemp seeds. nom.


Her grocery store carries a WAY bigger variety of Liberte than my grocery store!


After a quick shopping trip to finally find me some curtain rods (I’ve had new curtains since before Christmas but nothing to hang them on! We found the perfect ones but of course one size I need is on backorder…boooo!) we headed back to Mom’s to eat up the salad she made last night.

In the old school bowl:  red leaf lettuce, mushrooms, cucumber, yellow peppers and tomatoes…


We needed some quick protein so I fried us up some eggs in her super awesome non-stick pan. 


Dressed my bowl of salad with olive oil and s&p.  Fried our eggs to over-medium.  On the side we shared a toasted bagel with light cream cheese.


After that I hit the road for the hour and a half drive back to Victoria.  I stopped for a hot tea to sip along the way.

When I got home the light lunch and breakfast had completely worn off so I grabbed a Kashi bar from the cupboard.  Remember when I used to eat these all the time?  I missed them!


After a speedy trip for a few groceries I came home to visit with Nicole…you know…the long lost friend that lives just down the hall in my same building…we haven’t seen each other since the beginning of December!!

I sipped a Corona while we chatted…and rudely ate the dinner I had tossed in the oven while I waited for her to arrive.


The last of the freezer stash of my chicken, black bean and spinach enchiladas with light sour cream and salsa and a side of yellow peppers.


My tulips lasted through the weekend!  and I’ve learned that oddly enough the plain original popchips are my favourite. 


100 calorie crunchy healthy snackaliciousness? yes please!

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Anonymous said...

My parents have those same bowls! Flashback to childhood!

Bec said...

I love eggs on salads too, so many people think its strange but it is so so good!