Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Cheese

Look at this pop of colour!


Sometimes even yogurt can be colourful!!  Organic non-fat lemon yogurt with fresh black and blueberries, chopped almonds, and goji berries.


Somewhere in my morning there was coffee.  But you know that already.

I would like to thank (re: kick) Liane for mentioning Top Chef All-Stars the other day.  I was planning to wait until the whole season finished so I could download and watch it all at once.  Shockingly I have avoided spoilers for all nine episodes.  But she got it in my head and I ended up watching it all weekend, finishing with the Sesame Street episode last night.  I wish Elmo had been more prominent when I was a wee kid.

Anyone who watched it knows why today I was craving a grilled cheeeeeeese.  No I didn’t make it with my iron, but I’m not ruling that out for the future.


As much as cheddar on sourdough is pretty much the ultimate grilled cheese for me (pile some bacon in there and I might marry you) today’s sammich featured what I had on hand.


Squirrelly bread, Dijon, part skim pizza mozzarella, Black Forest Ham, tomatoes, and real butter for crispy grilling.


It was AMAZING.  So were these super crunchy grapes.


Tonight was a photography class night so I planned leftovers for dinner because they would be quick, easy and delicious.


Let me tell you the Spicy Thai-Style Noodles were almost as good served cold as they were fresh and hot.  I’m pretty much in love with this recipe. *swoon*


During class I sipped hot mint tea then during our break enjoyed my battered banana.  Class tonight was as confusing as ever, but our instructor reminded us this is only night #4 and not to worry.


I’ll take his word for it, but just as I start thinking I get something he teaches us something else and I forgot what I thought I knew! Oh well.  My brain is a battered banana.

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Lynn @ The Style Diaries said...

I've been all about the grilled or heated sandwiches lately, think it's that time of year.

Anonymous said...

I could really go for a grilled cheese right now (why do I want lunch at 9:30 AM?)-- with pickles and onions. Trust me, it's amazing that way. P.S. Obsessed with your felt placemats. xxoo

Amy said...

I'm hooked on this season of Top Chef!

We laughed our asses off at Cookie Monster, when the cookies were flying everywhere? So funny!