Saturday, February 12, 2011

Viva Italia

Saturday. Whirlwind.

I finally slept like a normal person last night (albeit after 1am because I felt it necessary to rewatch the finale of Friday Night Lights for the second time and cry myself stupid) and took the opportunity for a real sleep in.



Dessert” for breakfast.  What?  It’s healthy, and I put a banana in there.


Second coffee. to go.


Where was I going?  Oh, right.  British Columbia!!


Ya, that’s right.  My FIFTH attempt at getting BC insurance and registration.  Only took six months but I finally got ‘er done. 

The snag this time?  Rusty bolts.  A very helpful guy that just happened to be getting insurance had to actually pry and tear my old Nova Scotia plate off so I could surrender it. 


I’m rocking the ever so cool back window plate until a handy-dandy manfriend can dislodge those bolts that were rusted into my Jetta after three super lovely Haligonian Winters.


The extra long time at the insurance place didn’t stop me from squeaking in a workout between errands (that’s four workouts this week, just because I know you are totally keeping track).  24 solid minutes of sweat.  Upper body and lower body weights, super quick core work and a 10 minute treadmill run. Done.

Oddly I was not starving…apparently dessert hummus can keep you full…so while I raced to get ready for my evening plans I snacked on light cheddar, multigrain Wheat Thins crack-ers, and baby carrots.


Between showering and blow drying this mane I call a hairdo I whipped up my offering for the dinner party. Bigass salad if you please!

In the snazzy Ikea bowl: organic mixed greens, matchstick carrots, matchstick beets, baby cukes, yellow pepper, and chopped tomatoes.


I also put together a homemade dressing which I added when we served dinner.

The rest of my evening was really spent dedicated to making friends with the two cutest dogs evah.  Yep, they’re hairless.  And I love them.  My dear friends Matt & Sarah threw tonight’s shigdig and these are their babies, Chibani and Tiguay.  They are Xolos and no, no one forces them to be bald. :)


Oh right, there was food there too.  ‘Twas an Italian themed dinner partay afterall. 

Delicious bocconcini salad…


Orecchiette with pesto, shrimp and broccoli (um, yum!!)…


Sarah hard at work.


Rotini and penne with sausage, sundried tomatoes, and artichokes…


Did you know Matt is my oldest friend (and by oldest I don’t mean OLD cuz that would make me OLD too)?  We’ve put up with each other since I was barely sixteen. I’m not telling how long that’s been.


In keeping with the Italian theme I brought along this Italian sparkling wine Tiffaney introduced me to.  Wineparty.  Bellissimo!


I should mention Sarah is a pastry chef (!!!).  This bowl of deliciousness is her homemade Tiramisu.  It was like amazingly creamy Amaretto soaked cloud.  Many of us may have tried to swim in it.  Two of us definitely took spoons to the remnants of it.


That bowl did not stand a chance.

The remainder of my evening was spent getting down to floor level trying to make friends with this shy gal. 


Matt is lucky she didn’t fit in my purse….because she’d definitely fit in my condo.  Because of her and the pesto pasta I will be making multiple trips to the Island View area over the next few months….and I’ll be taking a much larger purse.

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I've heard that some people shave their dogs, but I think it's kinda cruel. Fun looking party tho!

Miss S. said...

Yumola-that food looks delish! How cute are those dogs, seriously? You might try spraying your bolts with WD-40 and letting them sit in it for a while.

Jaime said...

Jack: you know those doggies aren't shaved right? they are hairless dogs.

Miss S: oh we tried the go.