Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bacon Jam


Lookie here, I’m only one day behind now!  Of course, the weekend is basically upon so I suspect the randomness will start all over again. :)

Recently it seems I’ve acquired new local readers via Twitter and there has been a lot of chat about green smoothies.  Glad that more and more folks are willing to give the spinach in there a try!!


In my KA: ice, 1/2 banana, 2 bigass handfuls baby spinach, 1/4 cup whole oats, flax meal, chia, Dreamsicle Amazing Grass, and UVAB.

Maybe one of you adventurous readers will try kale in your glass one day??!!  That’s more hardcore than I’ve ever been willing to go.


While downtown the other day I finally remembered to pop into Feys & Hobbs Fort Street store to cash in my SwarmJam coupon (like Groupon) for Bacon Jam.


Yes, that says BACON. JAM.  Word to that.

It’s somewhat chutney-like in texture and style…but the bacon is definitely there!

What better way to enjoy bacon than with eggs?


I had one slice of bacon left in the fridge so I opted to make a BLT salad to go with my “bacon” and eggs.


Pretty darn delicious!


Afternoon sweet tooth.  Fruit helps cut the chocolate calories, right?


Tide me over.  Last night’s dinner date with Bachelor #6 wasn’t until 7:30 so I didn’t want to gnaw my arm off before then.


Dinner was at Canoe Brewpub.  Espresso Stout – check.  Good conversation – check.  Mediocre pasta dish – check.  Canoe is such a great location, ambience, and brewery…why does their food always leave me feeling “meh”?

Fun date anecdote:  I got home and realized I was missing one of my cute dangly earrings.  I texted the bachelor.  As I was driving back down to the restaurant in the POURING EFFING RAIN he texted back to tell me he’d gone back to look.  Sweet, right?  So ya, there we both were scouring the sidewalks…absolutely drenched. 

Sadly, no earring.

(Before you get all excited, please remember Bachelor #5 seemed pretty sweet and awesome after our second date…but became a douche overnight.  Practice dating caution.  LOL.)

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Jessica said...

I've used kale in my smoothies - it's good! The only thing is that it doesn't blend down in the same way as spinach - but if you're okay with little green flecks in your smoothie, then i's fine!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

The bacon jam! I looked for this the last two times I was in Florida (I was hoping Williams Sonoma or Whole Foods had it - no luck). I saw it on a cooking show and was completely intrigued (I forget what they put it on - some sort of breakfast sandwich - it sounded delish, without (hopefully) all the fattiness of plain 'ol bacon.)

Did you like it or do you prefer just bacon itself?

As for the bachelors - as the saying goes, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince. Better that they reveal themselves as frogs early in the game! Hope #6 is princely.

"Meh" at Canoe to me sounds like they need a new chef?