Sunday, March 13, 2011

Catching Up

What a couple of weeks it’s been!  I have no idea how, but I feel run ragged.  This whole impromptu dog ownership while trying to re-join the dating world is EXHAUSTING.

Thank gawd Spring seems to be trying to come around!


Over the last few days I’ve managed to get my hands on three FREE Starbucks petites.  I figured if I’m going to have afternoon coffee, it might as well be Starbucks so I could get a freebie (or three!)


Red Velvet Whoopie Pie


Peanut Butter Cupcake


Carrot Cake Cupcake


Bonus: Mom’s Sweet & Salty Bar


For the first time ever I am really impressed with SB’s baked treats.  Usually I find them kind of dry (although I continue to buy things anyway!) but each of these was delicious and really moist!! 

I think my favourite was the Peanut Butter Cupcake…now if only it was three times larger!! :)

Other foods that have kept me fed lately which are worth mentioning…

Strawberry Oatmeal.  Made with extra UVAB, cooked banana, fresh simmered strawberries, and topped with toasted almonds.


Bagel crisps matched with crack hummus.  When in doubt, garlic breath never ruins a date.  Honest. ;)


When the fridge gets empty, there are always spanakopita in the freezer.


Yesterday Chibi got cozy in the back seat for a Saturday road trip.  She pretty much loves the car rides!  All curled up in a tiny ball almost the whole time.


We visited my Mom, had coffee with my friend Christy, (ate a whole bag of treats this new doggie Mama inadvertently left within doggie grasp), and made a pit stop for the Island’s best burger.


Go to Nanaimo.  Go to Gilly B’s.  Order the Canuck burger.  Now.


We drove our exhausted asses home and promptly fell asleep on the couch watching a movie.  Thankfully we woke up, reset our clocks forward, and got on with our Sunday.

The weather is azz, so comfort food is on the menu for Sunday dinner.


Until the tulips actually bloom I guess puff pastry will have to brighten my day.


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Carol said...

I tried the red velvet whoopie pie today, but mine wasn't free, despite the grande latte I purchased! Oh well...I thought it was just okay, and was happy it was the size it was. Just a taste, to stop any cravings, I think.
At least you can see the tulips starting to grow, and what's that green stuff?! We're still under 2 feet of snow on this side of the mountains.

Jaime said...

When did you buy your coffee? The freebies were only this Thurs-Sat between 2-5pm. :)

Laura said...

oh damn, why isn't starbucks cool here. my choices for food are shit..
love the garden

Anonymous said...

That mini cupcake is TOO cute. I am a sucker for mini desserts.

Your pictures of spring-like indicators make me happy. The weather has been so dreary here.

Lynn's Life said...

I didn't make it to Starbucks until 530 on Saturday so no free goodies for me, they looked yummy though. I really like the fact that they're in small portions, which is great if you're trying to watch calories.

PS. You've posted that burger before right? Looks delish!

Pretty Pauline said...

OH NO! Now I'm REALLY wanting that PB cupcake!!!!