Monday, March 07, 2011

Daim You!

Where did today go?  Holy moly.  I didn’t think I was busy but all of the sudden the day ended and I felt like I’d accomplished nothing.

Even my pictures are rushed and haphazard!  Maybe not enough coffee this morning…


Lemon yogurt with fresh strawberries (I bought a 2lb box…I sense a recurring breakfast theme this week!) with a homemade Sticky Bar.


Greek Salad for lunch…but where’s the after shot with the hummus and pita?  Maybe I ate it.


Chibi and I went for a lunchtime walk around the block.  The skies were blue and it was chilly out! 


I like having a dog to walk again!

Hot tea to warm my freezing hands.  Note to self: blue skies do not mean you can leave your coat and mitts at home.


One of the many coooookies I ate today. :)


For dinner my friend Ibby and I opted to get together at The Pink Bicycle for cheeseburgers with bacon and onion rings.


Deeeelish.  Much more my scene than the bison burger I had there last time.  Still pretty much in love with those buns!


I promised Ibby a batch of chocolate chip cookies over a week ago and then this weekend I jokingly left him a Facebook message to bring me Ikea candy during his trip to Vancouver.  When he said he would I knew he’d be a man of his word and got right to baking him his cookies in exchange. 

I couldn’t be the girl who cried cookie!

Not only did he bring me the oh-so-delicious bag of Daim (think mini Skor bars…nom!) but also bigass Ikea chocolate bars.


I think he’s trying to fatten me up.  Now I’ll have to do double cardio tomorrow dammit!  Will run for chocolate!!  and bacon.  and cheeese.

After dinner I delivered another batch of cookies to Bachelor #1 and had a quick cup of tea at Starbucks.  I might have used him as an excuse to “sample” the Daim.

Um, quadruple cardio it is.

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Laura said...

omfg, those onion rings. i want. holy yums

Lynn @ The (life) Style Diaries said...

I cannot believe how GREEN the grass is. The snow has finally melted here and my lawn is a lovely shade of brown/yellow.

JavaChick said...

The pup is so cute! So is she staying?

Bec said...

mmm that burger looks so good!