Sunday, March 06, 2011

Doggie Integration

Friday night I introduced Bachelor #1 to Pizzeria Prima Strada.  We bonded over the host’s odd customer service habits and the fact that I was about to chew my own arm off. :)


The little monkey face was really good Friday evening.  In fact, she was so good she didn’t wake me up in the morning and I was late meeting Bachelor #2 at the dog park.  Lesson learned:  don’t rely on the dog as an alarm clock.


Sorry B2, I’m not usually soooo tardy.  I blame the doggie learning curve.

After a walk in the fresh air I came home to devour my pizza leftovers…


The afternoon was spent drinking coffee and pet whispering with the other Jamie.  Stoopy the Cat made it very clear he is not pleased that there is another animal in his house…but Jamie wielded some cat magic and he seems to have sucked it up a bit.

I picked up a few groceries…and planned a meal around a brand new tub of crack-hummus.


Greek salad with a souvlaki seasoned chicken skewer and warmed pita.


I may very well be eating the leftovers of that chicken deliciousness right now! :)

This morning Tiffaney and I met for brunch at Spoon’s Diner.


My hungry tummy and week-long bacon craving got the best of me…I ordered WAY TOO MUCH food!!  The potatoes, sausages and ham came home as leftovers.


After that feast Chibi and I took a walk around the block through the local park and she was a really good girl.  She’s not too well trained but she’s so small that a bit of a pull on the leash is nothing…she sure does love to be out wandering around though.

This afternoon was a mini-bakefest.  Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies for a couple of friends (and a few for meeeee!)…


And a batch of Sticky Bars full of seeds, dried fruits and nuts…


It’s been a big weekend for me and the furbabies.  I think Chibi has the right idea…


*yawn*  Is it time for The Amazing Race yet?

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Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in all of this B1 and B2 business! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in all of this B1 and B2 business! ;o)

kristinanicole said...

I visit your blog every now and then because I live in Victoria too! BUT I had to comment on the pizza because 1) its my most favourite pizza ever, we always get the rucola e crudo, half without prociutto and love the panna e pancetta (half without pancetta!) 2) I have a Groupon for Spoons thats burning a whole in my virtual pocket and 3) its nice to see someone blog about places I'm familiar with! Anyways, after this post I think I'll be checking you out a lot more!