Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happily Random

Looking back at yesterday I realize my photos are a little boring and my food was quite random.  ooooops! :)  Pretty healthy for the most part though!


Looks like smoothie season is finally making a comeback!  It was quite fun to break out my favourite kitchen appliance…the fancy-ass Kitchen Aid blender.

In the KA: 1/2 banana, blueberries, baby spinach, Amazing Grass Orange Dreamsicle SuperFood, flax meal, UVAB.  Deeeelish!


Paired with what might be my favourite breakfast carb…English Muffin with Sunflower Butter.


Late morning snack: dried cherries.


Big late lunch in preparation for photography class night.  Random stirfry to use up leftover tofu.


I baked the cubed tofu with coconut oil and brown sugar…turned out pretty good.  The veggies were also sautéed with coconut oil, a pinch of brown sugar, and I added soy sauce near the end of cooking. 


Actually pretty tasty but I think I’ll have to work on other seasonings to go along with the coconut oil.  Would have loved to have added shredded coconut to the baking tofu if I’d had some on hand!  Still a good way to get a healthy oil in though. :)


For class I picked up a vanilla rooibos tea latte at Starbucks, along with an oatmeal raisin cookie…and my obligatory bottle of water.


In my camera bag I packed a sliced apple and cheddar cheese cubes.


Dinner was supposed to be a salad when I got home but after all of my snacks I really wasn’t terribly hungry.  Instead I just waited and had a bedtime snack of Kashi cereal with coconut milk.  Nom.

See…random!  Told ya so. :)

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Anonymous said...

Where'd you get the dried cherries from? Are they any good? I can find any decent ones and I like them in my oatmeal...and cookies!

Jaime said...

Thrifty's bulk oddly enough...and yes, they are fresh and delicious. :)

Laura said...

ohhhhh, boring? you lied. you whipped up a stirfry in the middle of the day.

Ali @ A Serendipitous Life said...

I love dried a not healthy way, you can put them in chocolate chip cookies and it's like....heaven.