Thursday, March 17, 2011

I need a night off!

I’m still posting a day behind…so sue me!  I just could not face the computer when I got home last night.  One of these nights I’m going to actually score some couch time with the dog!

Kashi cereals were on a good sale the other day so I grabbed a couple of boxes.  Honey Sunshine is basically like Corn Bran but doesn’t cut up my mouth as badly!


I sprinkled some on top of my fruit salad and Vanilla Field berry yogurt.


For lunch I put the leftover tuna salad to use…using a pita and some shredded old cheddar to make a tuna melt!


Apple slices and celery sticks on the side.


Chibi and I had a car riding adventure to Petcetera during our afternoon.  She needed a new bag of food, a quick manicure and some socializing. 


I needed an extra coffee.  Grande non-fat half-sweet hazelnut bold coffee misto, thank you very much.


After finishing work for the day I raced around to tame my mane and get ready for dinner with Bachelor #5.  (Date #2…in case you missed it…we had coffee on Saturday morning). 

I was a little grumpy because he called at the last minute to tell me he was running half an hour behind but I sucked it up because I know how these things can happen.

And he arrived with flowers so that’s a pretty good apology, no? :)


We had a DELICIOUS sushi dinner (yay for boys that eat sushi!).


It’s highly possible he will discover my blog fairly easily so I shall leave it at that. 

For those keeping track, we are down to Bach #1, #3 and #5.  I guess odd numbers are my friend. #2 dissed me and I dissed #4.

I’m exhausted. ha!

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Bec said...

I agree yay for boys that eat sushi!

Jessica said...

Wow.. you go girl.... 5 boys (downsized to 3)WOO They all sound like good ones too!! :)

Pretty flowers!!!