Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Matchy Matchy

So the fact that I didn’t have time for blogging last night ended up working out because so far today has been the exact same day!

Tuesday: cottage cheese with blueberries, blackberries, banana, and peanuts…


Wednesday: do it all over again…with walnuts instead of peanuts.


Tuesday: fancy up some Campbell’s by adding black beans, fresh spinach and feta cheese to a basic bowl of tomato soup…


Serve with a roll-up of salsa, sour cream and red pepper for dipping.


Wednesday:  leftover soupy goodness, minus the roll-up.


Crackers instead!


Tuesday: procure a hot tea to enjoy during photography class (I also brought a bag of grapes and cheese to snack on).


Wednesday:  procure a non-fat misto to get through the afternoon workload.


Tuesday: eat super late and opt for fresh veggies…


With our favourite speedy protein source…over-medium egg.


Wednesday: I can haz a date!  (Yes, I’m dating again and haven’t decided how much you guys get to know yet…LOL.)  This particular boy wasn’t catching my line about going for a beer and seems determined to feed me, so dinner out it is!

What would you order as a first date meal?  We’re hitting a local pub with good food and a fairly large menu.  Do I opt for salad and hope nothing gets stuck in my teeth? Or order pizza and thank him for buying my lunch for tomorrow too?!  Or stick with chicken strips and fries because what could possibly go wrong there? :)

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Cat said...

Oh God, I HATE first dates.... I always order stuff that I can cut up really small, and that isn't speckled with green or black (Pesto and anything with poppy seeds are out)

Im happy you're excited to date!

I wish I liked eggs. They always look yummy to me, but I gag when they get close to my face....

Mel said...

Happy first date :)
I would opt away from chicken strips but thats because I always hear Ian's voice immitating an 8 year old when I hear someone order it. That was just to make you laugh! I say yummy food with a good opportunity for leftovers is the way to go.

rorabee said...

Burgers: too messy. Salads: awkward long leafy bits, hard to corral elegantly. Pasta: only kinds that can't whip sauce on you as you wind them up. Pizza, stew, fish & chips, curries: all manageable. Or skip straight to dessert; those are usually easy to eat tidily :)

Have a great date!

Anonymous said...

I hate meals on first dates... I would much rather have beer and head out if it is not fun.

Jennifer said...

chicken strips and fries. definately. lol. No sauce to get on your face .. or lap. ha! Plus it shows you can eat cool food and not just salad to be skinny.


Laura said...

have an excellent first date.

i'd suggest getting what feels right at the time but remember to stay true to you. maybe get the chicken strips & salad.