Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Even though I get a few days behind, and even though it’s not really all that exciting…my brain just won’t let me skip over a day!  Must.blog. ha!


With all of my meal planning and budgeting (which I will report on this week) I haven’t been buying bread lately because I had so many other bread-like products to use.  But this time I got to buy bread!

Toasted sunflower butter and banana sammich!  With a juicy orange!


After making my way to the gym I decided it was time to kill the week old craving for Delicado’s.  So deeeelish.


My usual:  Chicken Roll-up, medium-minus, extra chipo (sauce) with orange San Pellegrino.


“Conveniently” I parked right outside of Pink Sugar.  I know it’s been at least 2 days since there was a cupcake on my blog, so it was mandatory I stop into the shop. *eye roll*

Actually, I saw on Facebook earlier in the day that they had The Mackenator Mancake on the menu for the day and thought I’d grab one for Bachelor #1 cuz I’m nice like that.  We didn’t have plans, but I suspected a cupcake might lure him out on the town. ;)


Yup, that’s a maple bacon cupcake topped with maple buttercream and bacon bits.  Man.cake.  Bachelor #1 only gave it one thumb up though…he picked the “weird” bacon chunks out of the cake!

But it did get him out for dinner.  We decided on Cafe Mexico because we were both feeling the vibe.  (Disregard the fact that I had a Southwestern wrap for lunch!)  I opted for my favourite stand-by of soft tacos…one beef, one chicken…and he got to see my food paparazzi dorkiness in action.


Margarita Monday.  Well, at my table anyway.


Don’t worry, I didn’t leave myself without a cupcake. (bahahahaha…was there any doubt?!!)  Toasted Coconut Cream: vanilla cake with a coconut cream frosting rolled in toasted coconut.


The icing was freaking delicious.

That sugar powered me through a couple of late night hours of work on my contract job.  I was about ready to poke my own eyes out…why or why did I agree to help out with reports?  Oh right, I’m nice like that!

And crazy.

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Orionbelt24 said...

I'm not sure about the cake/bacon combo...I love cake and I love bacon but together, I'm just not sure!