Friday, March 25, 2011


Today’s to-do list is as long as my forearm.  Getting ready for Cat’s arrival tonight! Yay!  I’ve decided to go with the “one work project, then one personal project” approach.  So my work email and morning duties are complete and now it’s time for a blog post.

Apparently we’re rewinding to Wednesday…where does the time go??

More English Muffin love!  This time with natural peanut butter and sliced banana.  Is there any more classic combo?


For lunch I got a little carried away.  The problem with buying a package of bacon is that once it’s open I want to create every meal around it!


Quite classic spinach salad!!  Baby spinach, tomatoes, carrots, celery, and red pepper topped with a sprinkle of old cheddar, a drizzle of Bolthouse Ranch dressing, a warm boiled egg, and of course the bacon!!


So yum!!

After lunch I walked Chibi over to the mall for a pick-me-up.  Randomly I decided to break from my norm and ordered Starbucks newest feature…Coco Cappuccino. 


Although I’m not usually a chocolate coffee kind of girl, I did like that this wasn’t overly sweet.  Which was good because there may have been one of those mini peanut butter cupcakes too! :)

Afternoon crunch…bagel chips.


I worked a bit late and decided to hit the gym later in the evening instead of with the after work crowd.  Quick and easy dinner…enchilada from the freezer…


I had a really good workout and learned a couple of things about my gym…. 1) It actually gets quite busy there after 8pm.  2) The showers are AMAZING.

Usually I come home after a workout and get cleaned up here but I was meeting my friend Ibby for coffee afterwards and decided to save time.  I may very well shower there every time now!!

The night was completed with decaf cafe au lait, and a ridiculous marshmallow fudgey bar thingy that I totally didn’t need.  I guess that’s what the workout was for! :)

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