Friday, March 04, 2011

Puppies & Cupcakes, oh my!

Awwwwww.  Even the fact that she got me out of bed about an hour and a half earlier than this late sleeper is used to, she’s still pretty darn cute, eh?  I’m starting to feel like a real food blogger because all of the popular ones seem to have cute little doggies in addition to their eats!


After our bedhead and yoga pant walk around the block we came back in so I could sip my coffee and wipe the sleep out of my eyes before starting work.  Chibi had a good night in her “doggy house”.  Poor Mr. Stoopy is pizzed and won’t come out from under the bedside tables. :(


It was a hot and hearty breakfast kind of morning.  Oatmeal!


Steel cut oats with water, UVAB, banana, flax…topped with sunflower butter and fresh blueberries.

Totally held me over all morning and right through an unexpected Skype call.  I had to cram lunch in though because I was heading to the gym late and I can’t work out hungry!


Leftover beef and zucchini stirfry from last night.

After my workout I grabbed a misto on the way home…


To enjoy with the pretty cupcake of the bunch!  The weekly feature…Coooookie Monster!  It’s a chocolate cupcake with crushed cookies in it (apparently…I didn’t really notice them).  Pretty good, but the icing was too sweet.


The Triple Bypass was definitely the best from this pack.  I have one left, but I suspect I won’t eat it because it’s the mocha one and as much as I love my coffee I don’t actually like coffee flavoured stuff.

Chibi is still pretty nervous but my brown leather sofa is very similar to her parent’s brown leather sofa so once she realized I was settling in at my desk for the day she made herself quite at home. :)


And now I’m off…for another date!  Bachelor #1 (ha! you guys thought he was #2, but I had coffee with this boy last Sunday!) and I are off for delicious Friday night pizza.  Um, if I get off the computer and dry my hair that is!  Bye!

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Casey said...

Adorable! That cupcake is pretty. Have a fun date!

Shannon said...

She is soooo cute. I really hope you keep her!

Tracy Simmons said...

Cupcakes can never be to sweet for me :)