Thursday, March 03, 2011

Puppy Love

Meet Chibani!  She’s the lovely little Xolo girl of my friends Matt & Sarah.  Much like Mojo (the loveable boy of Arron’s that I shared for a few years) she’s not a fan of her humans going to work each day and is looking for a home with a stay-at-home parent.


She and I are having a doggie sleepover this weekend in the attempt to see if we can be lifelong friends…and to ensure that my furry feline buddy Mr. Stoopy won’t be offended if she moves in with us.

Before she arrived there was breakfast… cottage cheese, banana, blueberries, almonds, and Goji berries.


And coffee…which never seems to get it’s picture taken anymore.

After a couple of important calls I hurriedly ate an enchilada for lunch before heading to the gym for the world’s fastest workout.


Quick yet effective workout before running off to meet Tiffaney for the sharing of the previously mentioned cupcakes. :)


Chibani (“Chibi”) was scheduled for arrival around 7pm so I had time to tidy up and make dinner first.


On my meal plan all I had written was “steak and zucchini” as I wanted to be sure to use those two items up this week.  I decided on a stir-fry, which then got me thinking about other leftover veggies in my fridge…


…which were left from the Spicy Thai Noodle dish.  I ended up using the sauce from that recipe and it worked like a hot damn. :)


Complete with rice noodles, fresh herbs, lime juice and roasted peanuts.


The dishes were done just in time for this little monkey face to be delivered.  She’s understandably a nervous Nelly at the moment but hopefully overnight she’ll calm a bit and tomorrow we can do a little bonding.


At the very least she and I are going to get our extra exercise in with the pee breaks that require jaunting up and down three flights of stairs each time! And I bet she wants to go pee in the morning about 2 hours before my alarm even goes off.  oy!

But for that fuzzy face (and hairless everything else!) I can do it.

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Anonymous said...

We got a puppy a few months ago and it was the best thing that we have ever done! So much love to give!

Amy said...

I love her!

We we got Jersey, the felines were naturally a little pissed... but they got over it.

Lewis hid in the laundry room for about 2 years (kidding) and Sam just beat her up.

Now they're all BFF!

I swear if Jersey was a little more tolerant of Sam, he'd try to fornicate. There are hearts in his eyes when he gazes at Jersey, I swear!

Anonymous said...

Oof. I just love her!

Anonymous said...

Ah she's so cute! I hope the bonding goes swell and dandy!

sarah said...

Love, love, LOVE her. Very adorable. I hope the bonding goes well. Best of luck and I look forward to more pictures of her cute little face.