Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Rolls-Royce and Salad Rolls


The horror!  I went to prepare the coffee pot last night and I was out of coffeeeeeee!  Noooooooooo!  So this morning after Chibi and I had our “business walk” around the block we hopped in the car to retrieve caffeine.

Back at home I discovered that I’m also out of a few main smoothie ingredients…but I made it work.  This orange was the star of the smoothie show.


In the KA: 1/2 frozen banana, chopped navel orange, 1/4 cup oats, flax meal, chia, Dreamsicle Amazing Grass (that’s why it’s green!), 3/4 cup UVAB


Today’s bigass salad was brought to you by every last item in the vegetable crisper.


Romaine, broccoli, orange pepper and celery dressed with balsamic & olive oil.


Topped with “bacon” and eggs.  A little bacon jam and parmesan melted nicely into the over-medium yolks.


Cheese straws that taste like cheesy shortbread cookies on the side.


Afternoon sweet tooth.


Post-work race to get to IMAX on time.  Momentarily distracted by John Lennon’s Yellow Submarine in the museum lobby. 


Whenever we are out to eat my friends never get their faces on the blog because I’m too busy drooling focusing on the food.  So I made Ray pose in the window tonight.  I know, I know…feel free to shake your head.  He did.


We watched crazy cavers repel into bigass caves all over the world.  500 feet into a recently formed ice cave that could spontaneously collapse any moment?  Um, no thanks.

I’d rather eat Vietnamese food!  So off to Green Leaf it was. Yummers.


The salad rolls were just as fresh and delicious as I remember…and yup, I would still gladly swim in the peanut sauce.


Because we couldn’t make up our minds we opted to share a couple of dishes.  Rare Beef Pho. 


Fresh, hot, flavourful and the beef was just right.


Pork Vermicelli with crispy pork spring roll.


All oh so good!  We demolished the pork plate.  I have had that dish at other Vietnamese restaurants but this one was particularly fresh, tender and tasty. 

And the best part?  I got the leftover soup and salad rolls!!  Weeeeeha!!

Good thing because my fridge is so bare I might even clean it.  Whoa.

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Laura said...

oh i'm starting to love pho, it's just so incredible.

Lex said...

I introduced my bf to Pho the other day and I got two thumbs up!

Viet food is HANDS DOWN my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvorite!!!! So I got pho and then a vermicelli dish to take home! hehe!

when I go home the girls are going to teach me how to make it!

Mmmm pho for breakfast lunch and dinner....