Monday, March 21, 2011

Simple Sunday

After Friday and Saturday’s shenanigans I was happy to have the most casual Sunday possible.  Slept in, hot shower, walk around the block with the doggie, and dragging a friend off for greasy brunch.

Before my friend Ray went away for his work trip he introduced me to Kitty’s Hideaway.  How I had never been there before is a mystery to me because it’s a Victoria institution!  I was glad to go back again.


Cute and cozy decor all over.  Comfy chairs.  Good coffee.


Ray’s Heavenly Hashbrowns were sporting a smiley face!


I got the 2-2-2-2 which gave me 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausages and 2 pancakes.  One pancake toooo many!!  I was so stuffed and couldn’t make it through the second one.


The nice part about eating a hearty meal like that after noon o’clock is that I wasn’t really hungry again until dinner.  I stopped for a mid-afternoon coffee and snacked on some peanuts while dinner cooked, but that was it.

My Mom came down for a few hours because my curtain rods finally came in at Jysk up in Nanaimo and I really wanted to have them so I can try to get them hung up this week.  I’ve been working on the curtain situation for months now!

Since I did so much eating out this weekend I decided that I would cook for Mom.  My new favourite go-to meal:  Spicy Thai-Style Noodles with Tofu.


It was a hit, and I should have made a double batch so I’d have leftovers.  If it didn’t take quite so long to put together I might be inclined to make this a lot!!

After Mom headed for home I literally planted myself on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and my laptop.  I watched whatever schlock was on TV, sorted through the 100 or so pictures I took this weekend, and got caught up on blogs.

Chibani was so content that she was snoring like a chainsaw laying on the couch beside me.  Hilarious.


I’m two episodes away from finishing Season Two of Big Bang Theory.  I’ve decided that my favourite part of the show is definitely how Sheldon and Penny interact.  Awesome.

Back to the work week?  Boooo hissssss.

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Michelle said...

Oh I love a good Sunday greasy brunch. And Penny & Sheldon are very much my favorite part of the show. And how Howard & Raj seem like a couple a lot of the time. I can do without Leonard but he does seem like the one most likely to move into non-geek circles, hahaha!

Lady J said...

I loved your Thai noodle dish and wasn't at all stuffed when we were done, it was a perfect meal. I even liked the Tofu!! Thanks for the treat sweetie... :o)

JavaChick said...

I love The Big Bang Theory! Chibani looks like she's all settled in. :)

Lynn's Life said...

I heart the Penny/Sheldon interactions too. BBT is one of my fav sitcoms!

Looks like you had quite the weekend. Love those glasses on you!! :)

Cat said...

I can't wait for our traditional greasy spoon brekkie. Didn't realize it until now, but we've done it every time I've stayed with you (even in Hali) and I LOVE that tradition...along with Wine and cheese night, and get drunk night... and starbucks.