Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Paddy’s Night Off


That’s about as close to the Irish spirit as I got today.  I haz beads but nowhere to wearz them!  Apparently as a group, my friends and I all have work ethics in our old age…no one was willing to leave work early to go drink green beer!

I briefly considered the idea of a Shamrock Shake but fast food just wasn’t going to do it for me.  A green smoothie hit the spot instead.


And toast.


No greens here…just comfort food…


Admittedly I was actually kind of glad that any tentative St. Paddy’s Day plans fell through.  Remember how just this morning I said I needed a night off?  Yesssssss.  I’ll take it!

Chibi and I went for an after work walk, then took a car ride to my favourite take-out Thai spot.  A dish of red curry chicken, steamed rice and an order of veggie spring rolls later we were home and ready to kick back for the night.


We’s be couch chillin’.


Watching highly educational TV.


It was glorious.  Who needs green beer anyway?


Not us!  Us old farts know how to party Irish style, no? ha!

PSJen is back!!

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Lady J said...

I just read Jen's blog about David's Teas and they sound amazing. Yaiii for you they're opening one at Hillside soon... I'd love to go there once it's open if you're up for it? :o)

Laura said...

loving the beads.
the only green thing i ate on st paddy's was avocado, no green beer here either.

Jen said...

Thanks for the love Darlin'!!

You can tell you are a food blogger when you celebrate with a green smoothie ;)