Monday, March 21, 2011

Supermoon Saturday

No, you weren’t seeing things in my last post.  I did say I partied until 5:00 am Friday night Saturday morning.  There were birds chirping when I got out of my cab.

I blame the Clark Kent glasses.  They gave me all night party powers.


Sadly, they did not give me super recovery powers after only 5.5 hours sleep so I had to work my own magic.

A litre of water and a load of potassium…in banana form.


A walk around the block in the fresh air with one incredibly patient doggy friend….followed by Vita Coco coconut water for hydration, potassium and electrolytes au natural.


A little couch snoozin with Chibi, lots of water and a handful of Big Bang Theory episodes (Sheldon hugged Penny!!!).  When I felt like I’d waterlogged myself enough I finally made coffee….


And more bacon!!  BLT with olive oil mayo on multigrain bread.


I could have eaten two. 

After that I felt pretty much human again so tackled some chores then spent the evening visiting with my friend Ray who just returned from almost 7 weeks away for work.

Cooking was sooooo not happening so I introduced him to the deliciousness that is Pizzeria Prima Strada.


We had a bit of a wait because it was 7pm on a Saturday night and yet again the place was packed.  But we ended up getting a fun front row seat at the bar where we could see all the pizza baking action.


For something different we shared a big bottle of Tranquility IPA that came from Moon Under Water, a relatively new brew pub just up the street.


For an IPA it was quite smooth and not too hoppy…which works for me!

I pretty much demanded an order of focaccia post haste because just like the last time I was there I was starving by the time we sat down.


We decided to include leafy greens in our day and shared the INSALATA DELLA CASA: mixed greens with berry vinaigrette & shaved parmigiano.


Their parmigiano is particularly deeeelish.

We got to see our pizza in the works…


We opted for the special pizza…DIAVOLA SURPEME…which is essentially their regular DIAVOLA: calabrese salame, tomato, mozzarella, parmigiano, red onion…but with added arugula.


It was delicious!!  I was pretty much in love with the calabrese but we both agreed it could have stood a bit more cheeeeeeese.  Unfortunately I had stuffed myself full of focaccia and only ate two pieces of pizza, but lucky Ray got lunchy leftovers.

As if I hadn’t rocked out enough already Friday night, I headed on over to Clive’s Classic Lounge to meet up with friends.  After kicking up a stink with bar manager Shawn about wanting to try his crazy cocktail “Cold Night In” I harassed Ingmarie, Alex, Jessica and Justin into going with me.


Cold Night In – AKA The Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Martini


Yes, that’s right.  He does something crazy involving a grilled cheese sandwich and a bottle of good rum.  It becomes a tasty, smoky liquor which he mixes with tomato and basil.  We had to see what all the fuss was about…and wouldn’t you know, a grilled cheese makes a great cocktail.

Who knew?

Even more exciting for Ingmarie and I was the fact that Saturday’s fun cocktail menu included the Grown Up Float we sampled at Culinaire


Maybe if we promise Shawn we’ll come in every.single.week he’ll make sure there’s Campari ice cream on hand at all times. 

Probably not, but girls can dream right?

On our way out of the lounge we had a fabulous view of the so-called Supermoon!  Amazing, clear full moon.  If only my point and shoot camera did it ANY justice!


After that I dragged my exhausted behind home to some pinot noir and couch time.  My pillow never felt so good.

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Anonymous said...

Does it make me horribly cynical that I didn't find the supermoon all that super? I guess I was just expecting something bigger ...more badass. But it sure was bright!

I'm glad you had a fun weekend. Hope you got all the rest you need. xox

Bec said...

sounds like a great recovery day that pizza looks so good!