Monday, March 28, 2011

Way Back Blog

I only took two days off from blogging but somehow I’m four days behind.  Math.does.not.compute.

I considered just abandoning the missed days but there were a couple of items that just can’t be missed (in my opinion anyway…ha!).  Like, um, the magical jar of deeeeeelish Trader Joe’s almond butter that I was surprised with.


Of all the TJ’s snacks and yummies I’ve had the chance to try this is easily my favourite item.


Baked tofu and boiled egg make a proteinerific addition to my bigass salads.


Token hilarious picture of Chibi…

IMG_8179 (800x533)

Along with my surprise almond butter my friend Ibby also brought me this monster…


I told him he better still love me when I weigh 300lbs cuz this big bar doesn’t stand a chance!


As promised, the BLT Pita Pizza made a comeback too.  I needed a light dinner as I was heading out on a date later in the evening and I knew there would be a few snacks… bacony goodness to the rescue.


Date update:  So yes, we are now on #6.  I’d like to clarify…NOT ALL AT ONCE.  I had actually planned to stop at #5, but because #5 was a disappointing experience I opted to accept an invitation from #6 which turned out quite nice. :) 

Note:  Go to Stage Wine Bar and have the edamame and/or crispy polenta…both sooooo tasty!  But watch where you park…I got a $30 ticket!

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