Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Get Around

Pretend it’s Sunday.  Because you are about to read about Saturday and I don’t want you all confused. :)

Having Cat in town from Vancouver I was glad we got a lovely, sunny day on Saturday.  We put Chibi in her little coat and drove on down to Cook Street Village for coffee, croissants and a wander with the pup.


Lattes from Starbucks, blackberry cream cheese croissant from Bubby Roses.  Chibi was incredibly popular with the passers by!


After our snack we walked through the village and down to Dallas Road.  My plan had been to wander along the water for a while but it was a bit windy so we made our way back to the car and took a drive to Oak Bay to check out some of the little shops.

Note:  Chibi does not require an $85 harness.  Clearly we stepped into the rich and famous doggy shop! 

Instead we decided to spend our money on lunch.  A pub lunch hit the spot…The Penny Farthing.


Afternoon boozin’…Crown Float.


Substantial meal…Lobster & Crab Club with Emerald Greens salad.


A bit more wandering around and we decided it was time to come back to the apartment and just relax until our evening out with the girls.  We sipped on another delicious bottle of red and snacked on cheese and fruit leftovers while we got ready.


Later in the evening we headed downtown to meet up with Ingmarie, Jessica and Tiffaney (don’t ask me how we have NOT ONE picture of the girls…this whole food blogger thing gets distracting!).  Our dinner destination was Ferris’ Upstairs.


I visit the downstairs grill quite often for my favourite soup but it was time to put on high heels and head upstairs for cocktails and snazzier eats.  Starting with an amazing Blood Orange Margarita…


Since moving back to the West Coast I’ve really taken to fresh oysters again.  It seemed wrong to not order up a few since we were at an oyster bar after all.  Ingmarie and I chose to order the baked variety this time: something lemony, something horseradishy, something bacony.  Clearly I didn’t make notes! :)

Ingmarie also ordered the potato wedges with tomatoes and smoked paprika aioli for the table.  Yum.  I really need smoked paprika in my spice rack.


Before dinner arrived I ordered up a second cocktail….French 75.


For my main meal I followed Cat’s lead and ordered the halibut special.  It is halibut season so it seemed the only way to go. :)  Wrapped with prosciutto and topped with pine nuts and capers.  Deeeelish.


It was the perfect amount of food…I didn’t feel overstuffed afterwards, which is a giant plus for me!!

After dinner we wandered over to Clive’s Classic Lounge (again!) because I wanted Cat to see what I’m constantly babbling about.  Also, when we were there last Saturday Shawn told us about how they were planning on playing with Molecular Mixology and it sounded too fun to pass up.


I’d seen a tweet earlier that called the Bellucci “a cocktail in a cocktail” so I’d already decided to order it. :)


I should have taken a picture of Cat’s Albino Daiquiri though…clear like a straight up martini (because of the addition of acid phosphate according to Shawn) but the delicious flavours of a real Hemmingway Daiquiri.  Cool trick!

We also got talking about how Clive’s is working on their own house made cola so Shawn brought us over a sample.  How cool is that?!  Doesn’t look like cola but he’s definitely onto something taste wise.  We sat there picking out the different herbs and ingredients we could taste…hello nutmeg and ginger!


A night at Clive’s isn’t complete without a Last Word before calling a cab. :)


Too much fun with the girls yet again.  It’s getting to be a habit.

A great habit. Love you girls!!!

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Jessica said...

Sounds like a great time! I bet you didn't want the weekend to end!

Michelle said...

Now THAT looks like a fabulous day! I am jealous of every part of it!

Angie All The Way said...

Wow what a delicious looking day!! Crazy "albino" daiquiri?! Crazy kids!

Please give Cat a hug from me and Cameron. We miss you both. xo

Anonymous said...

Isn't it incredible how much they can charge for dog accessories? Apparently it is the fastest growing revenue stream in North America. Some people have too much money...

Glad you had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it incredible how much they can charge for dog accessories? Apparently it is the fastest growing revenue stream in North America. Some people have too much money...

Glad you had a great weekend!