Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Day Before Yesterday


Another action packed weekend leads to blogging backlog!  The day before yesterday would be…er, um, ah…oh ya, Friday!!

Breakfast must not have been very exciting because I don’t seem to have a photo and I haven’t a clue what I ate.  Whoops.

Probably because lunch was so deeeeeeelish!!


Leftover Vietnamese salad rolls and Beef Pho!


Australian afternoon pick-me-up care of Laura.


Dinner in a pinch.  Supermarket sushi.


Tasty but ridiculously crumbly.  The rice was cold and hard and every time I picked a piece up it would just crumble in my hands.  First time I’ve ever eaten sushi with a fork!!

Friday night was another EPIC party care of Tiffaney and the office she works in.  Those people know how to host an anniversary party let me tell you!!  Samosas, and DJs, and good times…oh my!!


I thought we might actually make it right through until breakfast this time…but you’ll be happy to know I was home and tucked in by about 6:30am.

I’m getting too old for this shiz.

Naaaaaah! ;)

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