Monday, April 25, 2011

Dinner from the EdGe





In the KA:  ice, 1/2 banana, 2 cups spinach, flax meal, Amazing Grass, vanilla soy milk.  It never gets old.

I’d like to welcome bacon back to the menu. 


BLT wrap with Dijon and olive oil mayo.  Veggie strips on the side.


Apple and cheeeeeese…


Aussie crack cookies…


After my glorious visit to Sooke Harbour House I decided to stop at The EdGe Restaurant in Sooke for lunch on my way home.  Owner Edward was the head chef at SHH for many years until just a couple of years ago he left so he and his wife could open their own place.

Fresh, local comfort food is how I would describe the menu.  They raise their own pigs!  So I had the pulled pork sandwich on ciabatta.  To.die.for.  Completely worth an afternoon or Saturday drive for lunch!


In addition to their fresh and tasty menu they also sell their own house made charcuterie and pork sausages.  When I found out these sausages sold in 5-packs for only $10 I made sure to bring some home. :) 


Tonight seemed like a good night to grill one up.  Deeeeeeelish!

Roasted Brussels sprouts…with olive oil, coarse salt, pepper & paprika.


Baked fries…russet potato, canola oil, and sea salt.


All together now!  The sausage was quite large so I only ate half.


So incredibly juicy, slightly spiced, and full of flavour.  Nom.


Liberte yogurt makes a return to the household (finally found Svelt…and at a reasonable price!)…


With raspberries and Kashi.


Chibi and I would like to thank everyone that has sent their well wishes over the last few days.  It turns out the poor girl picked herself up a parasite and had Giardia.  Thankfully she didn’t really seem to know she was sick…except for you know….the excessive potty walks.


I finally got almost a full night’s sleep last night and it was glorious.

Unfortunately I still fell asleep on the couch after work today and missed my opportunity to finally get back to the gym.  Gah.  Oh well, clearly I needed it.

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