Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hockey Blues


Poor Miss Chibi is not feeling herself today.


Let’s just say that I spent a bit of time cleaning this morning instead of making my breakfast.  Nuf said.  Poor girl.

la la la la la

Instead of forcing a late breakfast I went straight for lunch.  Mexi-bean rollup please!


Whole wheat tortilla filled with light Laughing Cow, salsa, spinach and navy beans tossed with my Mexican seasoning. Baked in the oven until crisp and slightly browned.


On the side: light sour cream and “quickie guac” (avocado mashed with lime and salt)


On my way to the hairdresser this afternoon I snacked on a banana, then took a small cup of coffee with cream when I got there.


Back at home I was pleasantly surprised by the mailman!  My package from Alexandra arrived!!


New mugaroo for the Starbucks collection.  Weeee….Philly!!!


Alex also included yummy treats for Chibi, and sweets for my sweet tooth. :)


Red Vines are deeeeelish…love them…but they are impossible to find in Canada.  nom.  Thanks Alex!!!  I promise your loot will be on it’s way this weekend!


This evening was spent watching another hockey game… sadly it might have been better spent scrubbing my bathtub or jabbing needles under my fingernails.  Another painful Canucks situation.  :(

Before the night went downhill I sipped on some sangria shared with my friend Rose (who also brought me a new Starbucks mug!!  photos tomorrow!)…


For dinner I opted for the Darcy’s House Burger…no cheese, easy sauces…with side salad with honey balsamic dressing.


I really wanted the eight layer dip so this was definitely a food choice victory! :)  All of these playoff games out and about are actually forcing me to make good choices.  Nary a French fry in sight!

Stoopy says if Chibi gets to be on the blog then he does too.  Meow.


Time to cuddle these little attention whores and head for bed.  No long weekend for me. How is Good Friday not an American holiday?!  Buggers.

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Mrs. Sheila said...

Why? That depends who you ask. Thankfully I am a teacher, and we have kept observance of this great day. Unfortunatly our government and complying agencies have taken God out of our country as much as they can ~ so the first to go is of course Good friday. Yet... we still have MLK day AND Presidents day ~ carazee!

Cyncalla said...

What they lack in Easter they make up for at Thanksgiving. I moved back to Canada from the states last year and the holidays still confuse me.

Poor Canucks... and my beloved Habs were spanked last night, too :(

itsybitsyknitsy said...

Maybe Chibi is sick because she had to watch the last two Canucks games? I really thought they would win the 4 in the row... but wow... when they lose - they are really a go big or go home kind of team!!

I Love Your Whole Face said...

Glad you liked the package!!!