Monday, April 04, 2011

Motivated Monday


So after a couple of weeks of just not giving a shiz about this whole balance thing I figured it was high time to knock that attitude to the curb.  Sunday afternoon I wrote out a tentative meal plan for the week and wrote up a proper, healthy grocery list before hitting the supermarket.


Since my blown disc seems to be rearing it’s ugly head again, exercise is yet again being limited so if I’m going to keep my jeans buttoning I’ll have to get back to managing things via healthy eating.

Mondays are always the easiest. Full of motivation and zest for the week ahead!


Gotta start with a green(ish) smoothie!  Funny how green and blue makes brown.  Blueberries, banana, spinach, flax, oatmeal, Amazing Grass, UVAB.

A little broiled grapefruit because I love it.


I sketched out SIX days at the gym this week but my back will dictate how much of this actually gets done.  Today I did upper body strength training with a modified core workout as planned but only made it through 15 minutes on the Cybex before my hip screamed “uncle”.


Bigass salad on the menu:  Baby lettuces, yellow pepper, tomatoes, cukes, cauliflower, sweet onion, and sunflower seeds dressed with olive oil and s&p.


Topped with roasted deli turkey for protein.


Afternoon snackie-poo.  Squirrelly Bread is in da house!!  And it’s BFF’s with TJ’s almond butter!


Dried cherries.


Dinner was yum!  Tom Yum Soup in fact!


Complete with the super thick coconut milk deliciousness!


A trick learned from Heidi during our Thai cooking class:  You should shake a can of coconut milk…it shouldn’t sloosh.  If it slooshes you’ll just get a milk the consistency of regular milk, but if it doesn’t sloosh you will get this amazing, thick coconut cream to work with!


My evening was spent gloriously alone and just chilling out with the pets.  I had planned to stare blankly at the TV but it appears I’m caught up on all of my shows so instead I got all productive and hung curtain rods and curtains.  Yay!

Yogurt and granola for nighty night snack.


And there we have it folks.  A motivated and functional Monday. Word.

Anyone else feeling the need to sort their shiz out these days?

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Mary said...

Funny, I am at this MOMENT, writing a come clean post on my balance being out of whack and making excuses about it. Yeh, and I purged my whole house over the last month getting my Shiz in order. Great post, you look great!

Shavonne said...

I am trying to short my "Shiz" out so i just started a blog about it to give me motivation! Love your blog it has inspired me. Thanks!

Jaime said...

Welcome to blogging Shavonne!! I'm so excited that you get inspiration from little ol' me!!